Blaze Pizza in Royal Oak Michigan

Blaze Pizza in Royal Oak Michigan

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I recently had the opportunity to join 20 other Michigan bloggers at Blaze Pizza in Royal Oak, Michigan. We were treated to a delicious dinner and dessert and a fabulous time. This was my first time visiting Blaze Pizza and I was very impressed by the open style and modern design. There is a good amount of seating and we enjoyed our dinner in a separate enclosed dining area. This would be a great way to host a monthly meet-up with your book club or get together with friends. The best part is that Blaze Pizza provides the perfect eats for every gathering no matter the size. 

Blaze Pizza Eats and Treats

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Blaze Pizza is based on the concept that everyone should be able to get a great pizza on their lunch. The main ingredient of any pizza is the crust and thanks to Chef Brad Kent, Blaze Pizza has a dough that cooks in only 180 seconds. This dough is fermented for 24 hours before being used to create the prefect pizza crust. Once cooked in their “Blazing” hot oven by a dedicated pizzasmith, their crust has perfect crispy edges with a chewy center that makes it the best template for your creation.

Your pizza is created right in front of you when you order and you can select from their Specialty Pizzas or Build Your Own. Pizzas start as low as $5 each which makes for a budget friendly lunch. They also offer Gluten Free Crust and Vegan Cheese for those that have dietary restrictions. I loved that I could see the ingredients and knew that they were fresh. The staff was fantastic and even created a special dessert pizza for our group.

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This is not on their regular menu so you will not find this when you visit but you can order the next best thing. Their signature S’more Pie Cookie Sandwich. I was nice enough to share this with my husband when I returned home but to be honest wish I had kept the whole thing for myself it was so good.

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If you want to add a little green to your meal they offer several salads that received rave reviews. Now you don’t have to settle for unhealthy fast food but instead enjoy a delicious pizza on your lunch time at Blaze Pizza.

Make sure you check them out on Main Street in Royal Oak, MI and taste the difference.

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