Thinking of moving? Here’s information you need on West Virginia

information West Virginia

Thinking of Moving? Here’s information you need on West Virginia

Whether you are thinking of moving there or planning a pleasure trip you need information West Virginia. After researching I have found some great information to help you with your trip. Whether you are visiting to learn more about the Civil War or coming to check out all four seasons that West Virginia gets to experience you will not leave disappointed. West Virginia has lots to offer those thinking of moving to a new area.

Check out what you need to know about West Virginia.

Before you move you should find out the area you plan to move to. Are the schools good? Is it close to stores, your work, etc? You’ll need to know where some important government buildings are so you can do things like change your drivers license and find information on schools. gives you all that information West Virginia and more.  The mountain state has 24,231 square miles with a population of 1,852,994 people. The capital city is Charleston and has a population of 54000. There’s two main types of industries in West Virginia. Agriculture is the first. It makes a large dent in the local economy and provides a lot of jobs and income. Industrial is the next industry bringing lots of good jobs for the people of West Virginia. Tourism makes up a smaller chunk of how West Virginia makes it’s money.

What to do in West Virginia

There’s so many fun places to go and see in West Virginia. Harpers Ferry was the site where the Confederate took over the Army’s arsenal. There’s many civil war sites to explore. Check out this list of Civil War reenactments and watch history in action.  You can check out a trip to Carnifex Ferry Battleground State Park.  Why not take a fall trip and enjoy the colors and visit Morgan’s Orchard. Whether you are a civil war buff or are looking to move to West Virginia there are a lot of fun things to do in this small but mighty state. What have you done in West Virginia? Leave me a comment and tell me something I’ve not yet done here!