Best Travel Apps

Best Travel Apps

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Take a look at some of the best travel apps to use before taking your next trip. With warmer weather quickly approaching many families are gearing up and planning their Summer vacations. Why not make it easier on yourself this year?

Most people rely heavily on their phones when they are traveling so be prepared and download these free apps from iTunes or the Google Play store. Travel can add some extra stress especially if you are traveling with kids. You can have everything you need to plan your trip and enjoy your travels at your fingertips. Read below to find out about some of the best travel apps.

5 Best Travel Apps:

Use this app to plan your entire trip including the hotel, flight, car and more. The Kayak app allows you to compare prices and filter your searches to help make the planning process easier. It is a one-stop shop.

Use this app to make sure you do not forget to pack anything for your trip. Instead of using a pen and paper use your smartphone to easily create your packing list. You can even check your items off the list as you pack your bags.

Google Maps
This is a simple, yet powerful app to use especially if you are not familiar with the area. Google maps will help provide you with directions and routes even if you are walking. One of the best features is using the app to find local shopping and restaurants. Save time and use the app so you do not get lost.

It can be difficult picking the perfect place for dinner when you are not familiar with an area. The Foodspotting
app is a user-uploaded guide that will provide you with real reviews and pictures of the meals so you know where to get the best food in town.

Google Translate
Have the ability to translate between 57 languages at your finger tips. It is hard to travel to a foreign area when you have a hard time communicating. Use the app to break the language barrier.

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