Windjammer Resort – oceanfront relaxation and beach bliss!

Disclosure: I visited the Windjammer Resort as a part of the Small Lodging Association’s Blogger Road Trip Tour.  Accommodations were provided for my family, however all opinions, ideas, and photos shared here are my own.  #SSLBloggerRoadTrip

I have been to beaches and resorts up and down the East Coast. I spent many weeks of summer vacation in Ocean City, MD. I have been to beaches in New Jersey. I have visited the Outer Banks in NC. As a VA resident, we frequently make day trips to VA Beach. I have spent holidays in Myrtle Beach in SC. None and I mean none of these beaches or the resorts I have stayed at can even compare with the beach and the accommodations at the Windjammer Resort in Lauderdale By The Sea.

Windjammer Resort is Oceanfront Relaxation and beach bliss

Location Location Location!! The Windjammer Resort has it!!

Located right on the beach in the town of Lauderdale By The Sea, everything you need or want is within walking distance. Park the car when you arrive and let it sit until it is time to go home. You can walk to great restaurants, ice cream places, the fishing pier, the pharmacy, the grocery store, the spa, and shopping boutiques. You name it you can walk there! That is what I call a vacation! No traffic to stress you out. No time wasted driving to and fro. Just leisurely walks along tree lined streets in the beautiful little town of Lauderdale By The Sea!

Windjammer Resort tree lined street

Did I mention that the Windjammer Resort is right on the beach? Just a few steps from your hotel room and you can be enjoying the sun and the surf. The beach was not crowded. The resort has beach chairs and umbrellas for you to use at no charge. They really have thought of everything. There is a shower and foot rinsing station at the beach portal so you don’t take the sand back to your room. Or you can relax by the pool and enjoy the view of the ocean! They have two heated pools and the pools were never crowded either. We loved getting to know some of the other vacationers we met at the pool! Psstsssttt! Check out the Beach Cam for live views of the beach in front of the Windjammer Resort.

Windjammer Resort is  right on the beach

From the beach at the Windjammer Resort you can go snorkeling or scuba diving to a renowned coral reef. Imagine, walking out of your room, down to the beach, out into the ocean with your mask and snorkel and swimming out to see a beautiful world under the ocean. No boat ride, no hassle, no stress, just you and the coral reef and a few thousand fish. If you have never been scuba diving, no worries. There are several diving schools in town. You just take a class at the school then come back to the hotel pool for underwater practice and then you and your instructor head onto into the water. It really is a simple process. Let me tell you we went diving during our stay and it was a life changing experience. I can’t wait to do it a gain.

Windjammer Resort Scuba practice in the pool

Pristine and Perfect Rooms

Our room was a one bedroom apartment. It was the perfect amount of space for our family of four. I loved that we had our own private bedroom separate from the kids sleeping area. Our bedroom opened up onto a deck. It was so nice to be able to put the kids to bed and then go outside and relax with my husband and enjoy the sight and sound of the ocean as we enjoyed each others company. All without disturbing the kids! The apartment had a full kitchen which is great to if you want to save some money and eat in. We loved waking up and letting the kids do there normal breakfast routine, Lunch like everything at the Windjammer was stress free since we all just wandered back to the room from the beach or the pool whenever we got hungry. I bought stuff to make sandwiches and fresh fruit. We even used of the grills at the resort to have a poolside picnic.

Windjammer Resort Bedroom

If Cleanliness is next to Godliness then the Windjammer Resort is Heaven!

And the housekeeping staff were really angels. They made sure our every need was met everyday. We had plenty of linens and towels which were all sparkling white and high quality. Not like the scratchy stiff thin towels I am used to getting in hotel rooms. Beach towels were also provided (one less thing to pack , yeah!) The staff all greeted my whole family by name and made us feel at home. Our room was VERY clean. I honestly could not find one thing to complain about anywhere at the Windjammer. How often does that happen when you stay somewhere?

Windjammer Resort View from the pool

Why Should You Stay at the Windjammer Resort?

If you are looking for a truly relaxing stress free beach vacation then the Windjammer Resort is the place to go! No pressure, no problems! Just beauty everywhere you look! The rooms and resort are perfect for families, couples, and girlfriend getaways! The resort and rooms are immaculately clean . The pools are an oasis of beauty and serenity. The beach is gorgeous and uncrowded. The town of Lauderdale By The Sea is like nowhere. The streets are clean and safe. As soon as you arrive in Lauderdale By The Sea you start to breathe easier, slow down, and relax. There is something in the air that just soothes the soul!  My entire family agrees that this was the best vacation we have ever had and we will be visiting Lauderdale By The Sea and the wonderful Windjammer Resort as often as we can. Insider tip: Checkout the “Leftovers”! These are rooms that have not been booked yet and are available only on specific dates. They are being offered at discounted rates!

Windjammer Resort Big pool

 A word about the Superior  Small Lodging Association:

According the the Superior Small Lodging Associations website: “The Superior Small Lodging Association originated in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1989 to enable travelers to Florida to find those small gems that could offer a unique, authentic Florida vacation experience while giving them the confidence, much like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, that they will be staying at a property that has high standards for cleanliness and guest services. Currently there are approximately 150 SSL members in 43 destinations throughout Florida with more members and destinations set to join in the coming year.”

If you are looking for a small boutique style hotel or resort you can find one through the SSLand rest assured that you will be staying at a superior resort.


Windjammer Resort view from the beach