Walking Dead Stars and the Dead End Con

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We had a great time at the Dead End Con in lovely Lynchburg VA. It was great to meet and chat with some of the stars of Walking Dead Season 1 and other great young actors.

me posing with all the stars at dead end con

From left to right, Larry (or maybe Gary) Lane, Brian Beacock, Anthony Guajardo, Noel G, me, Neil Brown, Jr. , Robert Homer Mollohan, and Gary (or maybe Larry) Lane. This was such a fun group of guys to hang out with!

The highlight of the event was the evening banquet. The food was as Brian Beacock (creator of the zomedy series “Acting Dead”)  tweeted “Bloody Delicious.” We dined on brains, fingers and intestines. Not actually real body parts but the presentation was as amazing as the food tasted. We had the pleasure of dining with Brian and enjoyed lively conversation with him and the other fans at our table. You can check out his zomedy series “Acting Dead”  online. Watch it, it is funny!


Close up of the brain at dead end con

Ham and pimento brain.


Sausage Intestines at Dead End Con Walking Dead Event

Sausage Intestines


Walking Dead Red Velvet Cake

Walking Dead Red Velvet Cake

All in all we had a great time. It was nice to have a day and evening out without the kids. Every couple needs to do something fun together just the two of them. It was also very interesting to be able to chat with the actors stars and learn about the projects they are working on and how hard they work to achieve success in their industry. If you are looking for a few laughs I would highly recommend checking out “Acting Dead”! Neil Brown Jr  has a new movie coming in August 2015 called “Straight Outta Compton”. The movie is the tale of the music group NWA.

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Alina - 4 years ago Reply

That cake is stunning! Love it. Love the food items, very unique and definitely the highlight. I love that everyone appears to have had a good time.

Sean - 4 years ago Reply

That menu is amazing! Love the dishes posted.

lisa - 4 years ago Reply

I wouldn’t touch that food. It looks disgusting. I know it’s supposed to be in the spirit of the show? I just have a weak stomach.

cyndee robinson - 4 years ago Reply

I would give anything to meet them!

lisa - 4 years ago Reply

I’m curious enough about the show to check out the links you posted. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

Lisa Coomer Queen - 4 years ago Reply

It looks like ya’ll had a great time. Great post!

Dee Lafrenz - 4 years ago Reply

Looks like everyone had a great time. Strange looking food, glad it tasted good. My daughter loves the show.

Megan A - 4 years ago Reply

eww, gross, i cannot handle the sausage intestines!

wen budro - 4 years ago Reply

Wow….that was some menu!!! I would definitely happily dig into that cake. The brain on a plate makes me a little queasy.

lisa - 4 years ago Reply

I wouldn’t touch that food with a ten foot pole. I’m queasy just looking at it. Well, the cake looks okay.

Lisa Coomer Queen - 4 years ago Reply

That Ham and Pimento brain. I’m not so sure about that. lol

Holly Thomas - 4 years ago Reply

That looks like so much Fun!

lisa - 4 years ago Reply

I know what a thrill it must have been to meet people that you admire. I would be in awe and have trouble finding something to say.

denise low - 4 years ago Reply

I have never really watched the walking dead. Don’t know if I would like it or not.

Valerie McElroy - 4 years ago Reply

I like the cake.

william gossage - 4 years ago Reply

the walking death tv series is one of all time favor shows. i never miss a sunday show

Dee Lafrenz - 4 years ago Reply

I am blown over by the creativity of some people. It sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth Sunderland - 4 years ago Reply

That’s so cool. My family loves The Walking Dead. Love the presentation of dinner.

Buddy Garrett - 4 years ago Reply

It sounds interesting.

lisa - 4 years ago Reply

It must be fun to travel and do interviews. My daughter does this and enjoys it.

denise low - 4 years ago Reply

Can’t say that I would eat any of this. And really never have watch this show.

rowena hubble - 4 years ago Reply

i love this show the food looks great

william gossage - 4 years ago Reply

this show the walking dead is a great show. I would love to meet some of the stars

Michele Ash - 4 years ago Reply

Thanks so much for the Fantastic Review on Walking Dead Stars and the Dead End Con! I bet you had an awful lot of fun with those guys! Seeing the food though, kind of turned my stomach! I don’t know if I would have eaten much there! Maybe the cake though! I’m not an overly big fan of the Walking Dead. My oldest daughter loves it and watches it all the time. If she’s not going to be around, she makes sure she records or whatever it so she can watch it later! Thanks so much for the fantastic review, all the pictures (some of which were EWWW!), and your personal and professional information on Walking Dead Stars and the Dead End Con with all of us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

Diana C - 4 years ago Reply

Oh, my goodness. Now i know why I haven’t seen this show. I could never get the courage to eat anything at this event. I’d starve. LOL

Diana C

Angela Hudson - 3 years ago Reply

I am the cake artist who made the cake.
Angela Hudson Cakes

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