Traveling with Kids Safety Tips

Traveling with Kids: Safety Tips

traveling with kids safety tips

Are you heading out on a summer vacation with the kids this year? If so, here are some important Traveling with Kids Safety Tips to keep in mind.

Unexpected issues can arise when traveling with kids, so don’t expect to have a perfect trip. Some of these safety tips seem like they’d be obvious but when you’re traveling, it’s always good to keep them in the forefront.

Always use travel seats for children. My kids always ask if they can get out of their seat or unbuckle. Yes, travel seats or buckles may not be as comfortable but if you should get in an accident, they are the safest thing for your kids to have. On a side note, there are ways to make your kids’ seats and buckles more comfortable. Like these seat pets.

Make sure they know what to do if they get lost. When your vacation involves a resort or amusement park, the first thing you should do is show them how and where to get help if they need it. Explain how to find a park employee, what to say, and under what circumstances they should ask for help. Consider choosing a designated meeting place where they can go to find you if you become separated. Remember how moms in the “olden” days used to sew our names inside our clothes. Hey, not a bad idea. If kids have parent contact info on them somewhere, they’ll have a much quicker time reuniting any lost kids with their parents.

Bring wet wipes, hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently. When traveling you are always exposed to more germs than you are when you’re at home. Especially if on a road trip…stopping in way stations, gas stations, etc. You definitely do not want a sick child on your trip. When possible, make sure your kids wash their hands before meals and after leaving stores, etc.

Be aware of where your kids are at all times. Finally, it’s not anyone else’s responsibility to watch your children. You need to make sure you know where they are, and what they’re doing, at all times during your travels.

Just being mindful of a few things while traveling with kids will make for an enjoyable vacation for the whole family!

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