Travel Cheap Deals

Travel Cheap Deals

5 places to find great deals

Travel Cheap Deals

I often dream of great places to travel. The problem is lack of funds not lack of fun. I decided the best way to go on the trips I want to go on was to find a great deal. Travel Cheap Deals is the phrase we use to describe the digging I do to find the vacation I want for the price we can pay. These are my tips for finding the best deals.

5 Travel Cheap Deals Tips

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1) You need to first go to the areas department of tourism. You will look to see what areas are the best and what opportunities there are for hotels, activities, and food.

2) You will next search Google to find a local blog. I know a blog will give you real life valuable insight on the place you wish to visit.

3) Then you will look for hotel options or housing options. You will consider staying in more than one place to get the best deal. You can find that hotels in the city are higher on the weekend then those in the outskirts. I also stayed in a house instead of a hotel. I have even house swapped.

4) I then head to social media and I ask my friends if they know anyone in the area. I find locals know what I need to know. They also know about coupons and discounts that I wouldn’t normally know. I ask for their help. I have gotten free meals, extra day of car rentals, and hotel packages available to locals only. I just asked them to help me set it all up.

5) The last thing that I need to do in order to  take advantage of travel cheap deals is go on to sites that will track flight options for you and send alerts when prices go down I really like Travelocity for that. I have saved hundreds by using them and booking on a Tuesday.


I can’t tell you how much asking and researching help you to take trips for the best deal possible. It is impossible to plan a cheap vacation without asking a round and planning. I know that knowledge is the key. It is also helpful to keep an online notebook of your plans. I use Evernote to gather my thoughts and urls of places to research. I also cut and paste in conversations I have had with people and file them. I assign each note a specific topic like hotel, flight, food, tourist spots, discounts, history, locations and splurges.

How do you find Travel Cheap Deals? Share your tips below.