Top 10 Packing Tips with Travel Space Bags

Top 10 Packing Tips with Travel Space Bags

Today I wanted to share with you my Top 10 Packing Tips with Travel Space Bags. My husband and I just got back from traveling to Cancun for our 10 year Anniversary, so packing and unpacking is fresh in my mind.

10 Tips to Save Space when Packing

Traveling and packing can be very stressful, but with my Top 10 Tips your next packing experience will be a breeze!

  • Make a List

In order for you to have a stress free packing experience start with a list. Jot down how many days you’ll be gone, who in the family are going, how many outfits etc. Don’t forget to check off an item when you’ve accomplished it.

  • Know what to Pack

The list is done so now you should think back to your last trip and really think hard about the things you used and the things you didn’t use. For instance – jewelry, instead of packing multiple pieces, simply choose a few necklaces and earrings that go with all of your clothing options.

  • Choose a Soft-Sided Suitcase

A hard-sided suitcase might be good for fragile items, but soft-sided suitcases have more pockets, and better opportunity to squeeze in a few more of those last-minute items.

  • Lose the Shoes

Lose the Shoes

Choose only a few pairs of shoes to take with you(remember you’re wearing a pair)so this will be a total of three pairs you’ll have with you. Make sure one of those pairs are comfy shoes. You may take hikes, or go on long excursions or maybe even workout while on vacation.

  • Wear your Bulky Items, don’t Pack them

Wear those bulky tennis shoes,  sweater or sweat shirt. Remember the plane ride or long car ride can get chilly, so you can also stay cozy wearing your thicker items.

  • Don’t Leave Packing to the Last-Minute

Frantically stuffing piles of clothes and lose items into your bag is one of the common causes in over-packing. Start laying out your clothes up to a week before you leave. This way you can see what you really need, do your laundry, and won’t be rushed to grab stuff and go.

  • Don’t Fold your Clothes, Roll Them

roll your clothes

Folding creates creases and it’s not the best way to optimize suitcase space. Starting from the bottom roll up your shirts, dresses, and pants into tightly packed tubes, which you can then stack neatly.

  • Do your Laundry at your Destination Spot

Many times your hotel or destination spot has a washer and dryer. If not,  wash small items in your hotel sink and let them air dry. Bring small bottles of detergent and softener with you. This simple trick allows you to double or triple the usage you’ll get from a few sets of clothes.

  • Bring Small Toiletry Items Instead of Full Size

I made sure all of my toiletry items were small and fit them in a large zip lock bag. Note: Put lotions, shampoos, conditioners, or anything that will leak together in a separate zip lock bag, the last thing you want is lotion in your hairbrush or toothbrush.

  • Make Room for Souvenirs

Remember to keep some room for gifts you’ll bring back for friends and family. Smaller gifts fit great tightly wrapped and placed in your suitcase, but if you’re flying,  anything bigger can be placed in your carry on.


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