Summer Coastal Ecology Course Day 3

Today we traveled to Pocomoke River State Park. Pocomoke is located in Southern Maryland and is famous for its stands of Loblolly pine and Cypress swamps.  At the park we canoed on the river. We got to take a close look at the roots of many cypress trees and we saw mistletoe growing in tree branches. We also saw lichen. The river is 40ft deep at its deepest point and is second only to the Nile River in depth when accounting for the width of the river.

After our paddle we went for an easy hike on the Trail of Change.  Thebtrail is approx 1 mile long and winds through an old growth forest and cypress swamp areas. Our guide pointed out many species of interesting plants including sassafrass trees, sweet gum, several varieties of ferns, and many more. We also learned about the change in the forest over time and which parts of the forest had reached a climax and which parts were still expanding and growing. It was a very enjoyable hike.

After lunch we spent several hours swimming and relaxing at the pool. It was a gorgeous day and we were thrilled to soak up some rays after the soggy start yesteday. When we returned to campus we had a traditional Chesepeake Bay Seafood Boil Feast. We learned the best way to break open and eat blue crabs. Dinner was delicious.

Tomorrow we head home..sad to go but I will be so happy to see my husband and youngest son who did not come on this trip with us.


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