SCOTTVEST, travel clothing with pocket technology

SCOTTVEST, travel clothing with pocket technology

Travel Clothing, SCOTTVEST Travel Vest

After the tickets are purchased, the plans made and the excitement builds, the only thing left to do it pack. Since baggage restrictions and fees can be cumbersome, passengers look for inventive ways around these difficulties. Travel clothing can be an easy, simple way to make traveling more efficient.

Anyone who has gone through airport security understands the hassle of removing every electronic device from bag after bag. Did you forget your phone in the bottom of your purse?  Did the kids’ ipad mini get lodged in the bottom of the duffel bag?  When it comes to traveling, most travelers have multiple devices that need to be removed during screening. After passing through, each item must be put back in place and quickly. No one wants to be the person (or family) holding up the already long, tiresome security line. One inventive person found a simple, easy solution to carrying all the electronic devices while traveling, the SCOTTVEST.

The SCOTTVEST is an ingenious solution to the common problem of carrying life’s many gadgets. The philosophy is simple: keep the gadgets, lose the clutter. SCOTTVEST is a line of clothing that makes carrying life’s many gadgets simple. The key to these items are the many internal pockets. The design is streamlined to carry the many devices without creating obvious bulges.

In today’s restricted baggage size travel environment, the SCOTTVEST line of travel clothing streamlines the whole travel experience. Everyone understands that coats must be removed during screening. With the SCOTTVEST, you can remove your coat and electronic devices in one act. The screening process time is decreased and simplified.

While functionality is important, as a woman, fashion must not be compromised. With the SCOTTVEST, the jackets, vests and other outwear look and feel the same as other popular items. The internal pockets carefully hold the devices without creating bulges, bulk or other unwanted surplus. The convenience of this travel clothing makes it a must buy for anyone who is one the go.

I own the Women’s Travel Vest. I choose this vest for two reasons. First, I tend to get chilled when I travel. The light weight vest makes for a great defense against blowing vents and getting too cold. More importantly, the Travel Vest can hold all of my and my kids devices. From an iphone to money to paperwork, the 17 pockets can carry all that I need without bringing a big purse.

In addition to travel, the Travel Vest is great when visiting a theme park. In many cases, purses or bags can’t be brought onto rides. Also, the loops, twists and turns can be treacherous to devices, sunglasses and keys falling out. With the Travel Vest, I know that everything is safely tucked away. Even on those soaking water rides, everything is safe and sound.

The Women’s Travel Vest retails for $125 and comes in a variety of colors. SCOTTVEST offers other jackets, coats, pants and shirts for men and women. Please see the company’s website for a complete list of travel clothing.

Before you plan your next trip, purchase a piece of SCOTTVEST travel clothing. Traveling will become more simple with plenty of pockets.

written by Cristine