Save on your Summer 2013 Travel

Save on your Summer 2013 Travel

Save on your Summer 2013 Travel


Preparing for your summer vacation is something that you no longer can do by the seat of your pants. Although it is possible to simply load up and go, you can be sure you will end up spending way more money than you intended. Saving on summer travel happens primarily before you ever leave your home. Here are some tips to help you Save on your Summer 2013 Travel and bring home more dough than you expected:

Use a travel agency

Travel agencies are hit and miss but if you find a quality one they can save you a ton of money. Look into the agencies in your area and if you can find one that has been used by friends or family, then see if they can save you some dollars. These places are able to get you  bundled trips where you have things included. Often, you get things thrown in for free. Free is always good.


Research your trip

Once you know where you are going, do some research on your own. The Internet makes it easy to look into trips to anyplace in the world. Simply put in some basic search terms related to your summer vacation and start surfing around. By all means investigate any company you deal with to make sure they are on the up and up, but you would be a fool not to at least look into what is available.


Pack your own food

Unless you are traveling somewhere specifically for the food, then bring your own from home. Make sure they have a fridge that you can utilize and load up on fruits, veggies, sandwich stuff and the like. You can save a fortune if you take this extra step. Much of the expenses on vacation can be traced back to food.


Consider multiple means of transportation

Sometimes renting a car is the way to go. Other times, you can save a fortune by taking a train or bus. It really depends on whether you will need a vehicle when you get there and the rates at the time you are traveling. Look at all possibilities and you might just save a ton of cash.


Consider vacationing early or late in the summer

Nobody says you have to go on vacation during the fourth of July or in the dead of summer. These are the prime rates and the most expensive times to visit on most occasions. Consider traveling in early June or September. You can often save a ton of money simply by moving your dates.

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