Ever Uber? How about Lyft? 3 Reasons to Ride Share!

If you’re reading this then you’re probably just like me and wondering why all of the hoopla surrounding ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft? What is the big deal with these companies, how are they used by every day people, and why should I choose them?
Should You Ride Share? 3 reasons why ride sharing is a smart choice.
For the everyday person choosing to use one of these services, the benefits versus risks can be negligible. Why not just get a taxi or shuttle service? Whether you are on vacation or in your home town, there are so many scenarios when a quick lift is the way to go.
 Ride Sharing Companies such as Uber and Lyft have become very popular
Here is a quick rundown of the three big reasons you should give ride sharing a chance:

 3 Reasons to Use Ride Sharing

The price of your ride can be estimated in the app before you order your ride. No hidden fees and no cash exchange. The price varies based on which type of vehicle you need and mileage you are traveling. Most of the time you are also going to have a lower fare than if you grabbed a quick cab ride. There is one difference between Uber and Lyft when it comes to payment. Uber discourages tipping drivers and Lyft encourages it.
Save money and know an estimated cost for your trip upfront
Nowadays everyone has an app for business. The genius of this model is not only can your driver have the ease of using it, so can you! It is a symbiotic relationship that has pushed customer service to a new level. A driver wants you to have as great of an experience as possible not for a tip, but for a higher ranking. Also, through the app you can track your driver and know exactly when they are waiting for you.
Ease of use?
Best part of the ride sharing concept is that it is easy to use with the touch of a button. Between the app for ordering a car/driver, the mutual rating system to promote being a good customer and being a good driver, and being cash/tip free… What’s not to love? You can even find a car that fits your needs (luxury, economy, car seats, ect..). Having car trouble’s? Check the app and get a quick ride to work. Had too much to drink at happy hour? What about a concert or sporting event where you don’t want to necessarily pay to park? Sick of bothering your friends for a ride to the airport? The great news is with ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft you don’t need to worry about phoning a friend when you just need a quick ride.