Precious Memories: 5 Creative Ways To Preserve Travel Memories

If you like to travel than I am sure you like to preserve your precious memories that you create while traveling. Each trip brings new memories that you want to preserve so that you can share them with your family and friends. Below you will find 5 creative ways that you can preserve your precious memories.

5 Ways to Preserve Your Precious Memories


precious memories

Although pictures can be a great way to preserve your travel memories, it can be a lot of pressure to take the perfect photos while traveling or enjoying a vacation. You do not want to miss out on all the experience entirely because you are worrying about how you will capture the precious memory and keep it forever. Here are 5 creative ways to preserve your travel memories other than photos.


Preserving Your Precious Memories – 5 Creative Ways:


A scrapbook is a nice way to preserve your memories that can include small items from your trip as well as photos, maps or other items that you gather along the way. You can collect ticket stubs, receipts and other flat items.


Memory Box/Jar

This is perfect if you like to collect little souvenirs and trinkets from your travels. A memory jar is nice because you can collect and keep some larger items like seashells to remember your trip by. You can even display your memory jar as decoration around your house.


Write About It

This can be as simple as writing a few sentences into a journal so that you do not forget what you did when you were traveling. This is a nice way to preserve those precious memories because you can jot down personal details.


Postcard Journal

A postcard journal is a nice way to capture all of your memories while you are still on vacation or traveling. You can write yourself a new postcard each day with all the details and fun activities that you have done. You can then put all of the postcards into their own album to keep forever.



A video will not only capture actual footage from your travels, but it is easy because you can even use the camera on your smartphone if you do not own a video camera. You can take short clips of the area or the activities you discover so that you can go back and watch them in the future.


What are some ways that you preserve your precious memories when traveling, please share in the comments below.