Brick Oven Bistro – Sandusky, Ohio

Delicious Food at Great Prices is what you will find at Brick Oven Bistro.

Brick Oven Bistro

I recently spent a long weekend visiting the Sandusky, Ohio area. I contacted Shores and Islands for help with my trip planning and local restaurant recommendations. It was suggested to try out Brick Oven Bistro a newer dining establishment to the area. I contacted the owner and he invited my family and I out for dinner. We were so excited we planned out day around this visit. This wasn’t because we are food snobs but because we love trying out new places. It was a 10 minute drive from our hotel at Cedar Point where we were staying for Halloweekends. 

Our senses were teased as we walked in and smelled the appetizing aromas coming from the Brick Oven Bistro kitchen. We let our daughter chose the appetizer and she selected Mozzarella Cheese sticks and I was impressed. Normally they are greasy and overbreaded but these had the perfect crispness and you could truly taste the cheese flavor.

Brick Oven Bistro 1

For our main dish, my husband and I shared a Chicken Alfredo Calzone and a Small Cheese Pizza. The pizzas and Calzones are fired in a real brick oven. I can attest that this method brings about a delicious flavor that cannot be duplicate in a gas or electric oven. The crisp was the perfect crispness and color. My husband was worried about the combination of alfredo sauce with pizza crust but he told me he was glad he tried something new. He loved the flavors together and said the pizza didn’t need any additional toppings because it was so good.

Brick Oven Bistro 2

For those that don’t want traditional Italian fare (like my daughter) Brick Oven Bistro does offer a kid’s menu with popular favorites like chicken tenders, grilled cheese and a PB&J.

The Brick Oven Bistro is combination of traditional Northern Italian and Scillian cuisine. The story goes back to 1904 when the Scagnetti family came to America. They met the Sortino family in 1952 (when they came over) and have been creating delicious Italian cuisine ever since. Find more of the story on their website – Brick Oven Bistro

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