Painter’s tape on an airplane???

Ways to Avoid Boredom on Long Air Flights

After long, careful planning the big family vacation is here. While you have carefully packed all the bags, checked all your travel documents and believe you have everything as prepared as possible, there is that nagging, empty pit in the bottom of your stomach. How will the kids survive that long air flight? Whether it is 3 hours or even longer, boredom on long air flights can cause panic to any parent. What will be your solution to boredom on long air flights?
To some families, the solution can be easy, electronics. The long list of devices from iPhones to tablets and other personal electronic devices can help prevent boredom on a long flight or trip. Personally, I have reaped the benefit of many a quiet moment from these diversions. But, what happens when the power is out and there is no battery charger in sight? The last phrase that you want to hear for the next several hours on your air flight is “are we there yet?”
use painter's tape to keep kids entertained on a  long flight
This simple solution was told to me by Colleen Kelly, the host of Family Travel with Colleen Kelly. With a roll of painters tape, your child’s imagination can go wild. From making a game of tic tac toe to creating a mosaic masterpiece, the options are limitless. The drop-down tray on the back of a seat can become an instant canvas to your child’s imagination.
The best part about using the painters tape is the lack of mess. Every mom has found the melted crayon, un-capped marker, or unidentifiable goop at the bottom of her bag. That gigantic mess doesn’t just ruin your bag, but it leaves you without an activity to occupy your kids. With painters tape, there is no worry about destroying your bag or being left stranded without an activity.  No more need to carry a bag full of goodies on your trip. This simple, unlikely diversion conjures the thought – why didn’t I think of that.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that your family should throw away the electronic devices. We all need fun and they can be useful. From the education programs to listening to music, everyone can appreciate time to unwind.
Next time your family is heading on a long trip, think outside of the box. With a roll of blue painters tape, families can support a little creativity, imagination and possibly dialogue.  That multiple hour plane ride might just fly by.
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