Honda Pilot Review

Honda Pilot Review

**I have received this product in exchange for a review but all opinions are 100% my own. **

Honda Pilot

My family loves to travel and we often take 3 day trips when we can get away. With two kids the hardest part about traveling is keeping both kids happy in the back seat. This is hard when my 15 year old is 6’2″ and my 10 year old is 4’10” , so it is basically like seating 2 adults. It isn’t bad for 15 minute ride to the grocery store but not a 2-3 hour car ride. I normally end up giving the front seat to my son and sitting in the back with my daughter to avoid any conflicts but sometimes this mom wants to sit up front. That is why I was  just as excited as the kids to test drive the Honda Pilot Touring. 

2014 Honda Pilot Touring

Photo Courtesy of Honda.Com

The minute the Honda Pilot Touring arrived, we couldn’t wait to discover all the “bells and whistles” that it had. From the Remote entry and Keyless start to the Sunroof and Backseat DVD entertainment system, I knew that our upcoming trip was going to be a fun adventure and the kids were going to be happily occupied and I was going to get to sit in the front seat and enjoy some adult conversation with my husband. The drive was incredibly smooth and my daughter even suggested she might sleep in it instead of the hotel. For being a larger vehicle, I was impressed with the gas mileage that we received. It was well over the estimated 20 mpg combined.  The estimated fuel economy for the Pilot Touring is 17 city and 24 highway.

The vehicle was super comfortable to drive and be driven in. I found it easy to park and didn’t even realize the size of the vehicle I was driving when I drove it. My whole family agreed it was super fun, family friendly and perfect for long trips and short trips. We even came up with a list of our favorite features.

Favorite Vehicle Features

  • Remote Entry with Security System
  • DVD Rear Entertainment System with 9″ Display & Wireless Headsets
  • Driver’s 10-Way Power Seat
  • 2nd and 3rd Row Seating
  • Second Row Sunshades
  • Tri Zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
  • XM Satellite Radio
  • Gas Mileage

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