Evenflo RightFit Car Seat Review

evenflo rightfit car seat
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The Evenflo RightFit Car Seat gives you peace of mind knowing that you have properly installed your a child’s car seat when traveling. Knowing that you car seat is safe and secure in case a collision would occur is definitely a top priority as a parent.

evenflo rightfit car seat

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Evenflo RightFit Car Seat Review

As Summer comes to an end, my family and I are taking one last road trip up to my in-laws cabin. Since road related injuries are the leading cause of preventable death and injuries in the United States, Evenflo is advising parents to make sure they use the proper child restraints and safety precautions when it comes to traveling and car seat installation. The lives of more than 8,300 children 5 and younger have been saved by using the proper child restraints according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

My family and I are always on the move and since we have 2 vehicles we are constantly moving car seats around. It can be such a pain to take my boys car seats’ in and out of our vehicles. I want to make sure that they are not only safe when we travel but I like to know that the car seat was installed properly.

We were sent the Evenflo RightFit car seat to test out and review. I have to say that I was a little bit skeptical because it says that you can install it in 60 seconds. From all of my car seat experience I can honestly say if I can install a car seat in less than 10 minutes I am pretty proud of myself! We were excited to test this car seat out for our weekend road trip.

Evenflo RightFit Car seat Features:

  • 2-in-1 Design to transition from high-back to no-back booster
  • e3 foam into the head and back rest
  • Dual cup holders for snacks and drinks
  • Activity Lights
  • 12 different head and back rest adjustments

The Evenflo RightFit Booster Car Seat offers a 2-in-1 design that allows it to have a high back booster and than later transform into a backless booster. Not only is this a nice feature to have but it will save you from having to purchase another booster seat once your child gets older.


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One of our favorite features with the Evenflo RightFit Car seat were the activity lights. When we were coming home from our road trip it started to get dark out and my son loved that his seat came with lights that allowed him to still see his books and toys that he had in the car. My kids are constantly asking me to turn the lights on inside the car when we are traveling and I have a hard time seeing at night with the inside car lights on, so this is definitely an awesome feature to have built into the car seat.

evenflo rightfit car seat

evenflo rightfit car seat

Not only did we enjoy all the features of this car seat but I liked knowing that it was protecting my son in case their would be an accident. We normally travel a lot throughout the year, so it is important that our kids are safe. This car seat grows with your child, so you do not have to worry about purchasing another one for them as they get taller. It is extremely easy to adjust the car seat to your child and provides simple belt positioning to ensure you child is safe.

Evenflo RightFit Car seat Child Requirements:

evenflo rightfit car seat

For Use With the Backrest

  • Weight: 30 – 110 lbs (13,6 – 49,8 kg)
  • Height: 38 – 57 inches (97 – 145 cm)
  • Age: At least four years of age
  • Child’s ears are below top of child restraint headrest

evenflo rightfit car seat

For Use Without the Backrest

  • Weight: 40 – 110 lbs (18,0 – 49,8 kg)
  • Height: 40 – 57 inches (102 – 145 cm)
  • Age: At least four years of age

Product Dimensions

Product Height: 29″ – 33.5″
Product Width: 19.5″
Product Depth: 19.5″
Seat Width: 10.5″
Seat Depth: Approximately 15″
Belt Guide Height: Approximately 14″ – 19″

After testing the Evenflo RightFit car seat for our weekend travels I can tell you that it is extremely simple to install. It has latches that easily provide a snug fit in our car. Overall, we enjoyed the car seat and knowing that it was safe and installed properly.

Does your family have an Evenflo RightFit Car Seat, please share in the comments below and let us know what kind of traveling you do with your kids.

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Henri - 5 years ago Reply

Im concerned with your review because this booster seat does not come with a latch system.
Please update your review and correct this.

    Janelle - 3 years ago Reply

    Henri, I’m pretty sure most booster seats don’t come with a latch system… unless I’m mistaken? I thought it was assumed you would buckle them in with the seat belt.

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