Ditch the bag of games, grab a travel app

Ditch the bag of games, grab a travel app

Traveling in the car with kids can be fun or frustrating. With the cost of airline travel on the rise, families are turning to road trips to make traveling more cost efficient. The downside is long, long hours of togetherness in a confined space. Since no family wants a car full of toys, gadgets and paraphilia, what is a viable alternative to keep kids entertained?  The 52 Fun Things to Do in a Car travel app is the solution.

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52 Things to Do in a Car Travel App

Since many families have at least one smart phone, a travel app can be an easy way to keep everyone entertained during long travel times in a car. While I understand that kids like to play games, listen to music and browse on their own electronic devices, families can use part of their road trips to talk to each other. The car travel time can be a way for parents and kids to take a few minutes to have a conversation that doesn’t involve bickering or complaining. It might help everyone get along even better on the family vacation.

Personally, I enjoy the travel app, 52 Fun Things to Do in a Car. With numerous game suggestions, everyone can be involved in the fun. From young to old, the games and brain teasers can get even the most sullen teenager laughing. While some games involve using materials (i.e. pens, notebooks, markers), the majority of tasks focus on thinking, talking and imagination. Even if you don’t have the materials for a specific game, everyone can talk about their thoughts or opinions.

Our family has used this travel app in various settings. On long family trips, this travel app has helped to break up the monotony of long, non-stop travel. It is a great way to get the kids off the iPhone/iTouch and start a conversation. Games like the Color Game, everyone names everything that he can think of that is a particular color, and Alphabet Categories, name as many animals as you can that start with a letter, are great to keep everyone thinking and participating.

Another great use to this travel app is carpool. Since I drive to and from many sports practices, I am constantly thinking about keeping kids entertained on the ride. Some games on this travel app are perfect for shorter rides. For example, Hot Words, players can’t say a specific word, is great to keep kids talking without being rude. It is an easy way to enforce the no – potty mouth (i.e. bodily noises jokes) in the car.

The 52 Fun Things to Do in a Car can be purchased on iTunes for just $.99. It was published by Oceanhouse Media and is based on the series written by Lynn Gordon.

Do you have a travel app that your family loves?


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