What to Bring to a Hotel with a Kitchenette

What to Bring to a Hotel with a Kitchenette


I was thinking of all the things I wish I would have brought on a trip I recently went on to the Landmark Hotel in South Carolina . The hotel had a kitchenette. They provided the basics and service for four. The problem was we needed a couple of things that would have made my life a little easier. I thought about it what to bring to a hotel with a kitchenette and came up with a handy list. 

What to bring to a hotel with a kitchenette

Paper towels

Paper plates



Plastic silverware (4 pieces of silverware are provided)


crockpot (there are so many easy to make recipes that you can make and serve large parties. This chili recipe is a crowd pleaser and it is easy and can be used on nachos, hot dogs, bake potato or in a bowl.) Game Day Chili ?–

Food items/ stables

dish soap



sandwich bags



bottle of water



I would make a list of great recipes that rely on similar ingredients and that do not use a lot of bowls, pots, and dishes since your selection maybe limited. I say a great bowl of chili  can make life easier. I also love pulled pork with peaches.

The other thing that can take your vacation to the next level is making freezer to crockpot meals that you can bring with you and stick in the crockpot. The most expensive thing after lodging is food and this resolves that issue.

This easy thing to create  great vacation is to plan ahead and think about what you need to bring to a hotel with a kitchenette.