Birmingham Extreme Pizza

Birmingham Extreme Pizza

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Let me start out and be honest about the fact that I could live off of pizza. The best pizza can be enjoyed hot or cold and makes a terrific breakfast and dinner. Over the years, I have tried many types of pizza from chains that have them ready when you want them to restaurants that cook them fresh when you sit down with your family. Each time I order pizza, I start thinking about the toppings long before I start thinking about where I am going to order it from. What I prefer on my pizza gets pushed to the side when ordering for my family because no one else likes what I like on my pizza. So we tend to get what everyone else prefers. Recently a friend told me about a new pizza place that opened up really close to my house in Metro Detroit (Michigan) Birmmingham Extreme Pizza was the name and one look at their menu I was ready to order one of everything. They absolutely have something for everyone including the most picky of children. 

The Extreme Pizza Test

I was hosting a Disney Side Party for the kids at my church and Birmingham Extreme Pizza was kind enough to donate several delicious pies to the event. When they arrived, everyone went so crazy that I was unable to get a picture of the pizzas before they were devoured. An adult helping at the party said that normally she doesn’t like a pizza loaded with things but the toppings looked so fresh that she couldn’t resist. Now that is pizza that I am proud to serve and eat.

There were a few slices left over and I wrapped them up to try the next morning. My test of good pizza is that it makes a good breakfast. It aced that test and now I have to restrain myself from going and ordering a slice everyday because it is That Tasty. I also realized that I could try something different every time I ordered and embark on an extreme taste adventure. You can compliment your pizza with many of their tasty sides including wings, calzones, salads and even dessert. A total meal in one stop for the whole family.

I also found out that there are other locations near Birmingham,MI that are open and that they are available in other states. To check if you have an Extreme Pizza near you visit the Store Locator.

 Visit Birmingham Extreme Pizza to start your Extreme Taste Adventure!

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