5 Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii

5 Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii

5 Travel Tips for Oahu, HawaiiThe ultimate vacation paradise for many people is Hawaii.  You’ve managed to save money and booked your trip but now you need some idea of what to expect when you get there and thus we are providing you with 5 Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii.  Using firsthand knowledge of what is on the island of Oahu, we can direct you on some of the things you should bring, things to leave at home and of course what to expect when you get there.  The Hawaiian Islands are some of the most beautiful tropical locations you will have the privilege of seeing and making the most of your time there is very important.  Take a few moments to read our tips and apply them to your upcoming vacation.

5 Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii

  • LEAVE THE DRESS CLOTHES AT HOME.  Hawaii is an extremely laid back island where formal wear is rare and typically unnecessary.  Even weddings on the island feature comfortable sundresses and Hawaiian shirts.  Unless you are scheduled to attend an event that has been specified to be formal wear only, pack cool, casual and comfortable clothing.  Recommended: Swimwear (2 per person at least), Light weight pants, light weight long sleeve shirt, shorts, t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, sandals, sturdy walking shoes.

  • WEAR SUNSCREEN AROUND THE CLOCK.  Although the temperature may not seem warmer on the island, the sun is much closer to you and the potential for severe sunburn is constant.  Even during sunset hours or overcast days sunscreen is a must for protection.  Don’t be concerned about packing extra simply stop by one of the drug stores or discount stores on the island when you get there.  Prices are identical to the mainland on most health and beauty products including sunscreen.

  • VISIT PEARL HARBOR.  No matter what your feelings are regarding the War, our military or government, this memorial is something every visitor to the island must see.  The history depicted in the museum, video and inside the memorial itself is truly incredible.  With completely free options of tours and visits to the memorial it is something every family can afford.

  • ATTEND A LUAU.  No island trip is complete without attending a luau.  There are multiple options on the island but the best value for your money comes with the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Not only do they have nightly luaus but they have a complete campus setup with culture and history about the “islands”.  Spend an afternoon walking through the center and participating in fun events, eating food cooked in the ground right in front of you and listening to the music of Samoa, Tonga, Figi and other tropical islands featured here.  End the evening attending a luau and their spectacular open air theater production of Ha, Breath of Life.

  • VISIT HANAUMA & WAIMEA BAY.  If you want to see crystal clear water with incredible snorkeling opportunities both of these Bays are your perfect choices.  While both are popular tourist destinations, they still remain family friendly and unsullied.  If you want to see fish you’ve never seen before check out the onsite snorkel rentals or pick up some inexpensive gear at the local Walmart.  Head out with your family and see coral and ocean life that will blow your mind.  Note: Both locations do charge for parking and entry but the cost is nominal and well worth the expense.  Both areas are closed to the public at a set time each evening so plan ahead for plenty of time to swim and explore before closing time.

Round out your trip to the islands with a few Mai Tai’s or Pina Colada’s alongside a serving of the ever popular Sweet Pork dishes found at nearly every restaurant.  Your time on Oahu will be one of the most memorable events of your life.  Make sure to stop and take in the true beauty of the water, the skies, the spectacular cliffs and the relaxed island culture before leaving your island paradise.

5 Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii ~ Brandy M.