Jewelry Case – Travel Tip

vera bradley

This is frankly one of the best travel tips I have. The difference between having to pack a little or a lot is what accessories you bring. I used to bring a necklace or two and two pairs of earrings. I would lose an earring because I would try to put it in a box but the box never really fit in my luggage so I would have the super idea to just put them somewhere. This would result in me looking under the bed around the desk and almost always finding the earring with a piercing scream after I stepped on it. This is the Vera Bradley Jewelry Folio and it changed the way I travel.


I love the zipper components. I also love that this book just slides into your luggage. It isn’t a weird shape or size and it is very functional. It really has changed the way I now travel.  I am able to pack less and just change out the jewelry. There is plenty of space for bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. I liked how many compartments it has and how easy it is to see all of the items.  It actually works like a binder. The pockets are plastic so you can wipe them off easily and see what you brought with you. I actually received my jewelry folio as a gift. It is awesome I just love it! I take it with me everywhere I go on a day trip or a long vacation it is the perfect way to travel with less and that is why it is my travel tip.


You can buy your own Vera Bradley Jewelry Travel Folio.
Vera Bradley Jewelry Folio