5 Tips for Saving on Summer Travel

  Tips for Saving on Summer Travel


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Let’s face it, traveling can be very expensive.  Especially when traveling with kids.  Sometimes, you forgo the idea of  going on vacation, because it will cost too much in the long run.  But there are many ways of saving on summer travel and I will list a few of tips that we incorporate into our trips.

1. Bring food and snacks along for the ride!  This is probably one of the easiest ways to save some cash on summer travel.  We usually travel by car, so we always pack a cooler with sandwiches, drinks and snacks.  I make the sandwiches the night before and place them in individual sandwich bags.  It’s usually like an assembly line.  One person will line up the bread, another will put on the mayo or mustard, another one will place the meat, cut the sandwich and place it in the baggie. I also like to take healthy snacks like watermelon, cantaloupe, cheese sticks and things like that.  We stop at a rest area, grab a bite to eat, take a little walk for stretching and we are back on the road.  If it’s a long trip that includes a stop over at a hotel, most have refrigerators to place the food in overnight.

2.  Bring DVD’s!  The kids have to have something to keep them busy in the car. If you don’t have a lot of your own DVD’s, you can always rent some from the library or borrow from a friend.

3.  Bring food to eat or go grocery shopping!  Another idea that kind of relates to the #1.  If the hotel we are staying at has a kitchenette, we will bring enough food or stop at the grocery store once we get there.  It helps to save some money, even if you only skip one meal a day of eating out, you can save a bundle.

4. Book Early! If you are flying, make your reservations well in advance.  And be sure to check the websites at different times of the day. Sometimes, flights are cheaper if you are on the Internet in the late evening around midnight.  Don’t forget to search for coupon codes for your flight and hotels before you book.

5. Find a Hotel that is within walking distance of everything!  There are hotels that you can stay and play at.  Most hotels that are located in tourist areas, have shuttle service if you need, to local amusements.  If you are flying in, they can pick you up from the airport.  Everything is within walking distance so there is no need to rent a car. I recently took a trip to the Gulf Coast and my car didn’t move from the time I arrived to the time I left.

These are just a few ideas for saving on summer travel.  What ways do you save while traveling?

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