Damajagua Cascades – 27 Waterfalls of the Rio Damajagua , Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

No trip to the Domincan Republic is complete without a visit to the Damajagua Cascades. This has got to be on the bucket list of every travel adventurer. We visited the 27 waterfalls while we were in the Dominican Republic on a Fathom Travel Cruise.

The 27 waterfalls of the Dominican Republic are a must do for anyone visiting this country. 

What you should take with you to the 27 waterfalls

  • bug spray – it will wash off in the river and your walk back to the visitor center will be miserable without it
  •  sturdy water shoes or sneakers that you don’t mind swimming in
  •  bottled water
  •  waterproof camera
  • swim suit
  • Don’t take  – sunglasses, money, hats, flimsy shoes, jewelry 

Gushing water in the 27 waterfalls

You don’t have to do all 27 waterfalls

You can hike up to the 7th, 12th, or 27th waterfall. We hiked to the 12th and in hindsight I wish we would have gone all the way to the top and did all 27. We loved sliding and swimming in the waterfalls and I am sad that we did not do all of them. But fair warning: It was hot! The hike is not easy. There are very steep portions and lots of stairs up and down. It is buggy. So if you want a taste of adventure without enduring all of the above for a longer period of time than I would suggest that you do a smaller portion of the falls. 

Beautiful green water between rocky ledges in the 27 waterfalls of the Domincan Republic

Is it safe to visit the 27 waterfalls?

All tours are guided. Some of the guides have been doing this for 30 years. Ask for someone who has been there a long time and has experience. Follow your guides directions. They will show you how to ride each waterfall safely.

All visitors must wear a helmet and life jacket. Your tour fee includes the use of this equipment.

I did not feel unsafe at all during our adventure but over the years I have learned to trust tour guides. Every jump and slide was thrilling and some were a little scary but every single one of them was FUN!

Hiking down the steps towards the waterfalls

How much does it cost to take an adventure through the 27  waterfalls?

You won’t believe how cheap this is. The price varies based on how many water falls you want to do. I paid $32 total for myself and my son to do 12 water falls. You do not need to book a tour through a tour company. If you take a taxi to the waterfalls you can easily book your own guide at the visitor’s center. This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to do it. It also means you will not have to go with a big group. My son and I were the only people in our group with one guide. We did not have to wait for other people to catch up or take turns in the water falls.

My son enjoying one of the many pools of water in the 27 waterfalls

You can book tours through several tour companies, though.

Iguana Mama:

Fathom Travelers link =

If you book through Iguana Mama, you will get drink and lunch included as well as transportation to and from the dock at Amber Cove. So all in all it is a good deal as well and runs from $79 to $89 per person. You have to be at least 12 yrs old to book this excursion through Iguana Mama so it was not an option for us since my son was only 10. Interestingly, there are no Dominican Republic laws restricting the age of visitors to the waterfalls.

Natural slide into the waterfall

The name 27 “Waterfalls” is actually a mistranslation from the Spanish word “Charcos” that means pools not waterfalls, there are only in fact a total of around 12 actual waterfalls even on the full trip to number 27. When in the Dominican Republic this should be a “must do” on your list. For us it was a once in a lifetime adventure that we will remember forever.