Riding a bike at the campground is worry free with the Not Your Child GPS Tracker

Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device is great for allowing the kids freedom when riding bikes at the campground
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Disclosure: I am working with the folks at Not Your Child and Word of Mom Marketing to try out the new GPS Tracking Device. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
Bittersweet is watching your children grow and crave more and more independence. Formidable is the challenge of determining how to give them the independence they crave while keeping them safe. For our family, we have learned to let go slowly and with safeguards in place to help give us some piece of mind while our children grow and gain the confidence to go off on their own. A great place to give your child some more independence is at a campground. The first thing our 10 yr old son does when we arrive at a campground is get a map so he can start figuring out where he can ride his bike. Riding a bike at the campground gives him the control and independence he needs and craves. For him the bigger the campground the better so he can really feel like he is out on his own. For me, I feel comfortable letting him ride around on his own to explore for the most part but when we visit a large campground I find myself limiting how far he can ride.
 Riding Bikes at the Campground
On our next camping trip we will be taking along and testing out a new wearable GPS tracking device to help us feel more secure when our adventurer decides to explore the campground on his bike. The Not Your Child GPS Tracking device is designed to give parents peace of mind and keep our children safe in this ever changing big scary world.  According to the US Dept of Justice, a child goes missing every 40 seconds and 51% of those missing children were for involuntary reasons; they got separated, lost, injured or had a miscommunication with their caregiver.
Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device is great for allowing the kids freedom when riding bikes at the campground
Let me share a scary story with you. One of our favorite campgrounds has a thrilling bike trail called humps and bumps. It winds through the woods and has hills and dips that keep the kids happy for hours. The bike course is tucked into the back of the campground. Two years ago, when my husband went looking for our own children who were riding around the campground he checked the bike course and came across a boy who had crashed his bike and was injured. The boy had broken his arm and was too scared and hurt to move. Luckily, my husband found him and we were also able to locate his parents and get him the care he needed.
Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device is great for allowing the kids freedom when riding bikes at the campground
Now I don’t know about you but whenever I hear about stuff like this I start thinking about all the what ifs. And at the top of that list was the concern what if he had ridden off the path or wrecked into the woods and was not where anyone would have seen him or found him easily. This is all the reason I need to start using the Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device. We are going to test it out on our next camping trip and I will share our experience with all of you.
One other thing to consider is that as my child grows, the Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device grows with them. You can use the Track Now software to turn their spartphone into a GPS tracker. You can get speed alerts to see how fast your child is driving. There is also a an SOS alert feature, with the push of a button your child can send you a notification that they are in trouble in the event that they can’t call or speak on the phone. I am beyond thrilled at the idea of having this extra level of comfort when my child is driving cars instead of bikes.
The Not Your Child Tracking Device is available for purchase online. Visit the online store here.

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Rachelle - 3 years ago Reply

This is such a wonderful idea for all parents! My daughter loves to explore on her own outside and I would feel way more comfortable if we had this!

    Not Your Child Corp. - 3 years ago Reply

    Yes! That is our cause, we know the importance of children being allowed to explore their world to develop a healthy respect for nature while develooing their imaginations, We also know the gut chilling fear a parent feels of losing a child, we want children to be safer, we want to help you protect them. That is we were founded and that is our purpose. That is why we are. Period.

Travel Star - 3 years ago Reply

This is a great idea and needed in this world.

Crystal B - 3 years ago Reply

this is so great! I think this is such a good idea for every parent! So glad the boy was found as well! Not always the case!

Not Your Child Corp. - 3 years ago Reply

Hello Vacationmaybepr!

Thank you for this! Yes the travel features are very important to parents! They live the fact they have added protection with our super accurate device in foreign countries!

Thanks for helping to mane it great!

Lorraine - 3 years ago Reply

The Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device. is the most important device for any child.

Lorraine - 3 years ago Reply

The Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device. is the most important device for any child. WEBSITE was wrong n last comment Thanks

Amy Heffernan - 3 years ago Reply

The feeling of being secure when we are out!

    Not Your Child Corp. - 3 years ago Reply

    Yes Amy! Especially if the baby sitter decides to take them for a walk or for a ride to the supermarket. Especially if they are with step parents or on a field trip or sporting event at school. Yes indeed!

    Thank you!

Wendy hutton - 3 years ago Reply

the most important feature for us would be you ca monitor right from your cell phone

    Not Your Child Corp. - 3 years ago Reply

    Perfect! Wendy yes! You can monitor right from your cell phone via our mobile viewer! You can also set it up to get your alerts directly to your cell phone as an SMS (if your carier allows) instead of an email that goes directly to your cell as well.

    We found parents really love getting the speeding alerts, the SOS alerts, the fall down alerts and the geo-fence time in and out alerts to their cell phones!

Bailey Dexter - 3 years ago Reply

I really like that it has an International Tracking Capability! My grand-kids live out of country and this would be perfect for them. They travel for Dad’s job & I know they keep a eye on the little ones at all times! Thanks for the review and passing this on to my family for them!

    Not Your Child Corp. - 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you for that Dexter! Yes especially with our “Live share” feature you can share the location of your grandchildren instantly with their parents and vice versa. You can also send a report of the entire day! This has come in very handy for families on the move!

Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo - 3 years ago Reply

They’re light weight (because my kids are really small), have a long battery (wouldn’t want that to die right when you really needed it) and the customizable notifications. Sorry, couldn’t pick just one!

Besos, Sarah
Journeys of The Zoo

Not Your Child Corp. - 3 years ago Reply

We have a flash sale going on right now!
Tell your friends!

Leslie Crosbie - 3 years ago Reply

What a great idea!! There is nothing more terrifying than not
knowing where your child is, little kids or teenage kids, I am glad its small because
most teen will not like their parents doing it, but OH WELL!!

    Gina - a couple of years ago Reply

    My 10 yr old did not want to wear it where his friends could see it but since it is so small he was able to tuck it into his pocket and that worked really well.

Emilee Bond - 3 years ago Reply

I just love this idea! I love the piece of mind this would give me. I always look for reliability in what I buy along with positive reviews. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

Daniel G. - 3 years ago Reply

The ease of using it from your phone

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