When Mommy Travels

When mommy travels she writes love notes to her children
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I am embarking on a trip overseas the problem is my kids aren’t happy I am leaving. I am however, still going but I thought about it and decided there is something I could do to make my departure a little less upsetting. I usually call daily or Facetime my family when I travel but when you go overseas with the hour changes and my schedule it does become increasing difficult. I know how hard it is to be the parent at home with children who want to talk to the parent away and they aren’t reachable. I spent years dealing with this very issue and the resolution is to do something for the children so they know the parent that is traveling is thinking of them. I need a way for my kids to feel special and loved when mommy travels. 

When mommy travels she writes love notes to her children

This is the idea I came up with I would write them notes one for each day and I would leave them for them to open. I decided on some days there would be little gifts and other day just cute notes. I am of course a teacher so I am going to provide facts about the places I am visiting and I may even find website urls that the children can visit so they can also see what I am experiencing. I have three children so by the end of my trip they will have learned 30 facts and will have received 10 letters each since my trip is ten days.

When mommy travels she writes notes and leaves gifts

When Mommy Travels – She Writes Love Notes

This is what you will need to replicate my idea




Hershey kisses (they do need a kiss everyday from their mom)



Small toys or books

I picked up items under $1 just to have something to give them. I also try to do something or learn something on my trip that I can share with my family. This trip I will be attending a Thai cooking class when I visit Thailand. I believe that letting your kids know they are special is an important thing to do no matter where in the world you are when mommy travels or when daddy travels.

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Dana truitt - 5 years ago Reply

iagree it’s so hard to leave they go crazy so we drop them at my mothers and i leave from there. They don’t get upset when being left at MaMaw’s. Then she takes them to my house,my mom is a gem. ID o miss them so whenever I am away, they are my babies of course!!!

nicole dziedzic - 5 years ago Reply

What cute idea with the notes! Love this for the kids. Awesome way to learn and share your experience with them.

Mallory Brasher - 5 years ago Reply

What a great idea! My kids have separation anxiety when I leave them and this would make it so much better!
When I was younger and traveled with family away from my mom she did something similar and packed me a box of goodies and notes to read everyday!

Jane Ritz - 5 years ago Reply

These are great ideas for travelers with kids. I couls have used these earlier in life. My traveling days are over,

lisa - 5 years ago Reply

It must be hard to travel when you have little ones. You have some good ideas to make it less painful for them.

Melissa Douglass - 5 years ago Reply

I absolutely love this idea! Thank you for sharing!

Charlene Underhill - 5 years ago Reply

Great ideas!

Ebonie H.W. - 5 years ago Reply

I love this idea. I don’t travel very much for my job, but my husband is in the service and is gone a lot. I’ll need to pass this idea on to him.

Heidi Salisbury - 5 years ago Reply

Such a great idea. I wish I would have thought of this years ago when my ex huband would travel. This would’ve been something special for my daughter to open everyday.

lisa - 5 years ago Reply

I don’t know what you do for a living or how often you travel. Sure, the kids miss you and you miss them. Along with the posted tips, you can plan fun activiites for them to do while you’re away to occupy them.

denise low - 5 years ago Reply

This is a great idea. And I know it would be hard to leave the kids.

Baldo - 5 years ago Reply

liked and shared

Shannon - 5 years ago Reply

I had a friend that used to leave one of her night shirts for her daughter to sleep in when she would travel. She said it really helped her feel like she wasn’t so far away.

Heidi Salisbury - 5 years ago Reply

Traveling parents can be difficult to kids when they are young. My daughter had a traveling father and it was sometimes hard for her to understand why daddy wasn’t home but she understands now. She is 19 years old.

Mare W - 5 years ago Reply

Gram to the rescue! She watches them for free and lots of love.

sandra - 5 years ago Reply

when our son was really young, we’d videotape the traveling parent reading a favorite bed time story

lisa - 5 years ago Reply

I don’t know how old the kids are or how often you travel.I imagine at some point, they’ll get used to it. You can always pick them up a small gift too. They see that you leave, but always come back.

denise low - 5 years ago Reply

The notes are a great idea. Shows them your thinking of them.

Charlene - 5 years ago Reply

I’m real impressed at what you came up with to keep you close to your kids even though your thousand of miles away. I’ll keep it in mind when I’m discussing travel with parents with young kids.

Heidi Salisbury - 5 years ago Reply

Excellent idea. This really would make the children feel good and special. It keeps that bond between a parent and child strong.

Wisata Gabeboni - 4 years ago Reply

Yes! Finally something about travell.

How to Fight Fear - Real Advice Gal - 4 years ago Reply

[…] The best thing about conquering fear is knowing your limits. I decided although I would like to work on being the perfect mom. I need to implement the wife part first. That will help with the mom part. I have happy children they just miss their mom when I go away. I also have a fail proof trick for keeping them happy when I go away. I call them mommy letters. […]

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