Travel Cheap Deals

Travel Cheap Deals by Staying at Home

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The best part of the summer is travel. The best way to find travel cheap deals is to make your own vacation up. I find that buying other people’s packages can be more expensive than planning your own. I also think looking locally is more cost effective than traveling out of state. If you can create a vacation within two hours of where you live you can cut down on expenses easily by not staying the night or by staying a single night instead of two. These trips are great and can take place on a weekend or a long weekend.

Travel Cheap Deals

As you make your plans for the summer, you may be faced with the grim reality that an expensive vacation just isn’t in the cards for you and your family this year. Rising fuel costs and the price of air travel make taking a far-reaching vacation very difficult for many people. These problems don’t mean, however, that you and your family can’t enjoy a vacation this summer.

For a week, or even a few days, try to see your own city through the eyes of a tourist. A vacation based out of your home could have all of the perks of a traditional vacation without the inconveniences of renting a car, dealing with an airport, or having to pay extravagant restaurant bills for every meal. You’ll be spend your daytime hours experiencing new parts of your city and still be able to rest your head in your own bed each night. Vacationing doesn’t get much better than that!

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Travel Cheap Deals

To get the most out of your time and your money you should plan your home-based vacation with the same care that you would plan any other summer vacation. Having a plan will ensure that you don’t end up frittering your vacation time away doing chores or normal, mundane things while you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself. Do a little research ahead of time to determine what your family’s options are and then find activities that will interest everyone. I like to go to the chamber of commerce for the area that your are visiting they can make suggestions that your family will enjoy. You will more than likely find a ton of things to occupy your time during your vacation.


These are some ideas we have for Travel CHEAP Deals


Check out historic landmarks

You probably drive by them all the time as you’re taking care of errands. Now you’ll finally have the time to learn the stories behind these special parts of your town. I would go to the library or the internet and do a little research. You can find out who the who behind the building. I would have the children help in the research so they can also be the informer.

Spend a day in a museum

 Museums can focus on anything from art, specific times in history, or even automobiles. Even if you’ve visited your favorite museum before, you may find that it has changed since your last visit. Museums often have visiting collections displayed on a rotating basis. The museums also often have coupons and discounts to make them cost effective. You may find buying a year long family membership is a better deal than a one time visits option.

Amusement Parks

 Your kids will enjoy a day spent at your local amusement park, no matter which one it is. Regional amusement parks are often much less expensive than the nationally-known ones. Having a day at the amusement park is always a treat, regardless of where you are. Don’t forget to pack snacks, if you can, to avoid the cost of expensive park food. We also pack our lunch in a cooler and go back to the car midday to eat it. This cuts out about $50 off the cost of the experience.

If you’re still disillusioned by the idea of spending your vacation in your own city, pay a visit to your city’s tourism website. As a resident of a particular city, it’s very easy to develop a blind eye towards cool and interesting parts of your own city. Your city’s visitor center can help awaken your appreciation for the things that make your city special. I would also use facebook and ask your friends for advice. I know I learn a lot from asking my friends about places near me.


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