Three Awesome Weekend Getaways in the USA

Three Awesome Weekend Getaways in the USA

Three Awesome Weekend Getaways in the USA

If your life is as hectic as mine, I consider being able to squeeze in a weekend getaway a wonderful idea. Of course living in the USA makes travel so much easier and there are so many popular weekend destinations that making the choice of where to go can be difficult.

Even if only traveling for the weekend, you will be able to find a place that meets your needs. Looking for excitement? Try Las Vegas. Perhaps a little fun in the sun? Look no farther than Miami Beach. Perhaps you are a history buff? Pack your bags for a weekend strolling around Washington DC.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Three Awesome Weekend Getaways in the USA

If you are looking for more excitement than you can handle in one weekend, then hop a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada. This city never stops!
Las Vegas has exciting activities just waiting to fill your days and nights. How does touring the Venetian Grand Casino and canal sound? Or if the museums and restaurants more your style; you will be in love with the city.

One of the highlights has to be the Venetian. Not only do they boast having the ultimate in nightlife and entertainment, the Venetian offers a taste of Italy right in Las Vegas. How cool would it be to take a gondola rides? Talk about romantic! Oh, and let’s not forget their luxurious spa that you could just drop me off at and leave me there.

Consider Las Vegas the next time you are looking for a weekend getaway. Super travel deals are available that include flights, hotel and meals from most of the major travel sites. See all Vegas Activities at 24/7 fun and excitement

Miami Beach, Florida

Three Awesome Weekend Getaways in the USA

Now if you are looking to combine nightlife with beautiful beaches, then Miami Beach, Florida is the place to go. Party all night long and recover on the sandy beaches during the day.

I think the beaches of Miami are the most beautiful in the USA. I couldn’t get over how soft and white the sand was..for miles. Miami Beach boasts that their shores rival any International Vacation spot available. Not to mention the most beautiful sea shells that I have ever seen!

Three Awesome Weekend Getaways in the USA

For me the hardest thing was having to pick my activities from the numerous spas, shopping, swimming, surfing, kayaking, nightclubs, and entertainment are all part of what makes Miami so exciting. Ok, so maybe Miami does offer more fun than sun; but so worth the trip!

Washington, DC

Three Awesome Weekend Getaways in the USA

It’s the capital – nothing more really needs to be said. Washington, DC has to be a must see destination for one or more of your weekend getaways. Probably more than one weekend since there is so much history steeped there, it would be almost impossile to cover everywhere in just one weekend.

Of course you have to visit the famous historic sites such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, the White House, Ford’s Theatre, and the National Air and Space Museum. Um, weekend over! Just teasing but there really is just too much to see in one weekend in this location.

Not to mention visiting the Smithsonian Institute, the Washington Monument, the National Gallery of Art, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts during your stay. The list is endless for places to visit while in Washington, DC so make sure you plan your trip to get the most out it. Oh, and don’t forget the food! Some of the best food in the world can be found within the area.

My suggestion would be to look at a couple of travel packages and either join in on one or use their schedule to create your own.

Do you have your bags packed yet? Why not? These are just three of the endless weekend getaway destinations you can enjoy without traveling outside the USA.


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