Starvation Reservoir State Park in Utah


Starvation Reservoir is new to our family this year, but it is also one of most favorite places to visit now. We have heard about it for years, but have never been there, but this year we planned a vacation to Starvation State Park with friends and family to go there and it was one of the best weekends we had this summer.


It is located just about 2 hours east of Salt Lake City up by Duchesne. The campground at Starvation stake park is fabulous –  we stayed at the lower beach one. We made our reservations online so it was quick to check in. We found our spot without much trouble. It was very busy – pretty much every spot was filled. They are pretty close together – and there wasn’t any shade except for the covered parts of the eating area. Mountain View campground has grass and trees but you would have to drive down to the beach since it is up on the mountain part (about 3 minute drive).


I loved that we could come out of our trailer and just walk down the to beach. My kids loved just walking along and finding neat treasures, as much as they did going down to swim and play in the water and on the beach.

hcBeachThe sand is great – and the water temperature is comfortable for kids of all ages (we had our 21 month old in there). Be sure to bring your sunscreen and a chair. I didn’t get in the water to much, but I enjoyed sitting on the beach and watching them while I took pictures. Another thing we liked were the showers that were located up by the campground. Once you were done playing on the beach you could go shower all the mud off and clean up.

starvation mermaid tailThey were able to have as much out of the water as they did in it. With their daddy’s help they were able to have fun making this mermaid tale for the girls. It was a lot of fun. Pets are not allowed on the beach area of the campground – but there are a lot of places you can take them where they can splash and play.


If you like fishing – you will be able to do plenty of that too. We drove around and found a spot that was not in the campground part – but there is fishing spots you can walk to from the campground. It is a great place to go and stay and something you family will love to come back and do every year.

You can make reservations online and learn more about the campgrounds here

You can visit the Utah State Parks website to learn more about Starvation State Park

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