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I have lived in the Royal Oak, Michigan area for years but had never heard of the local youth theatre. I am sorry that it took me so long to find this gem. Located in the heart or downtown Royal Oak, at The Baldwin Theatre, the youth theatre is an extension of a full theatre production from Stagecrafters.

The youth theatre hold shows 2 times a year and some of the show’s participants also appear in the main productions. I had the chance to attend their most recent performance. “The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf”.  I brought my family with me to the show because I felt it would be a fun night out and it was. It also proved to be an affordable night out. Tickets to youth theatre are generally priced lower than attending a large theatre venue. This is also the case when visiting local theatre groups. Most of the shows staff is volunteer and the actors and actresses do it because they love what they do.  At stagecrafters, they have a local business that sponsors the show so it allows for lower ticket prices.

I had the chance to speak with a former youth theatre participant who now has children in the youth theatre. It was interesting to hear how she had changed roles over the course of her life from acting in youth shows and now acting herself in main stage productions. She also gets to watch her children grow in the theatre roles that fit them. In youth theatre children not only act but there are parts in all areas of the theatre from sound and set design to costumes.

This show, like many others previously, had high school students serving as Student Directors and Managers.

The show was wonderful and seeing how hard all the children worked to pull it off made my own children start asking about the theatre. One night opened up a whole new world and made them realize that acting is more than Hollywood Glitz and Glamour.

So if you are looking for affordable family fun, in your home town or while on vacation, make sure to search for the local youth theatre.

 If you are visiting the Metro Detroit area, make sure to check out Stagecrafters and grab a show.

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