Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland Sevierville, Tennessee

Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland

If you love looking at Holiday lights, a fun place to visit on your next trip to Tennessee is Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland in Sevierville, Tennessee. I missed posting this in time for you to visit for the 2013 season. But mark this on your to-do lists for 2014!

My family and I had the opportunity to visit when we traveled to the Smoky Mountains back in November. And I’m so glad we did. The photos below do not capture just how fun, festive and magical the light show was. I forgot my camera back at the cabin so I had to use my Bloggie to take photos and it just didn’t do well at all. But you can see a bit of the coolness of the show.

When you first drive in you will see a sign to tune your radio to a specific station. When you do, you will begin to hear Christmas music that is in sync with the lights. The lights dance to the rhythm! This season’t theme for the lights was Santa’s Beach Party and the majority of the light decorations had something to do with the beach or ocean. It was so cute and this is such a great attraction to visit if you are spending any part of Christmas in the Smoky Mountains.


Above: The SS SANTA


Above: Parasail with Santa


Above: Sea Creature?


Above: Beach scene

You can see in the photos above that the Santa’s Beach Party theme was fun and creative. The light decorations were huge too. You had to look up to see them in their entirety. These weren’t any dinky decorations by any means.

The drive didn’t end with Santa’s Beach Party. After driving through a maze of Beach Party, you then enter a section with giant trees, arches and strings of lights that play in time to the music on the radio.  It was so beautiful. We picked a spot where no cars were coming through so we could pull over for a minute and just listen. It is a spectacular show that gave me goose bumps on my arms.

So, I missed telling you in time for this year. You won’t want to miss out next season! It’s very affordable and when you are finished with the tour of lights, you can take your child to Santa’s Village through December 23. There is some additional cost to the activities in Santa’s Village. Unfortunately, it wasn’t yet open when we were there so we didn’t get to experience the fun. My kids missed Santa. I do wish is had opened when Shadrack’s did. But oh well.

Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland Prices:

  • $20 – Car or Van
  • $30 – Activity Van, Limo, or Mini/Half Bus
  • $75 – Tour/School Bus

I have a few more photos in my Shadrack’s blog post over at Cinnamon Hollow as well as a short video on YouTube if you’d like to check them out.

Crystal Martin

Have you visited Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland in Sevierville, TN or any of the other locations including Asheville, NC – New Market, MD or Myrtle Beach, SC?

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