Safety on the Slopes with a Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device

A while back I shared with you my struggle to give my kids a bit more independence at the campground. My oldest is 10 and wants to ride his bike all around the campground on his own. I shared with you all about the Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device that I thought would be a sanity saving tool (and possibly life saving) to help me worry less while he was out stretching his independence. Well, when I wrote about using the device at the campground I was not even thinking about our ski trip to Vermont. One look at the giant mountains and trail maps and I knew I would be taking our NYC GPS device with us while we were skiing.

Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device is great for safety while skiing

Our sons are excellent skiers. They have been on skis since they were 3 years old. We get season passes every year to the same ski mountain. We always use the buddy system when we ski and try to stay together. However, this is another place where my son is trying to exercise his independence. He knows the mountain very well, probably better than me. Since the mountain is small and he is such a great skier he will often ask to meet us at the bottom of a slope or to speed ahead a bit. I am very comfortable allowing him to do this. Even though I let him go I still worry that he might take a different trail than planned or maybe accidentally run off the trail.

Keeping my independent skiier safe with a Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device on the slopes

GPS Tracking Device is a must for large mountains

At the larger mountains we visited in VT, there would be no independent trail runs all the way to the bottom ahead of us. It just isn’t safe. There are too many side trails and different ways to get to the bottom. The slopes are much more challenging and the conditions change too fast. Instead, I determined a stopping point a little farther down the slope that I could still see and let him ski ahead. I had some extra reassurance as well, because tucked into his pocket was the Not Your Child GPS device. If he forgot to stop, or took a wrong turn, or worse could not stop safely and continued down the trail, I could locate him using the GPS tracker. Remember, according to the US Dept of Justice, a child goes missing every 40 seconds and 51% of those missing children were for involuntary reasons; they got separated, lost, injured or had a miscommunication with their caregiver. I can’t even imagine the terror of a lost child on a ski mountain and realize it could happen easily with a simple miscommunication or accidental separation. One of the coolest features is the actual map that displays exactly where your child is located. How is that for piece of mind?

Map of all the places my child was skiing

If he did somehow go the wrong way or got too far ahead that I could no longer see him, I would be able to use the Not Your Child Device to find him. In the event that he ran off the trail, got injured, or lost  he would be able to use the SOS call feature to signal for help. The SOS alert is triggered when your child pushes the button on the device.

View of Killington trails

I will be purchasing a second device, so that I have one for each of my children. I have also added it to my must have travel accessories packing list, right at the top of the list with the first aid kit. It is that important. Where can you see you family using the Not Your Child Tracking Device? Enter our Giveaway to win your own Not Your Child GPS Tracking Device and subscription.

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