Route 11 Potato Chips Factory Tour

Route 11 Potato Chips Factory

How do they do it?

As a kid I remember going to the pretzel factory in my home town and watching in amazement as the pretzels transformed from dough into crispy pretzels. Sadly, the pretzel factory no longer does a factory tour, however, if you want to take your kids on a tour of a potato chip factory then I know just the place, Route 11 Potato Chips! We were able to visit the factory recently and had a great time. As you are driving up you can smell the savory aroma of fresh cooked potato chips. Once inside you can satisfy the sudden urge to devour potato chips by trying all the flavors of potato chips in the tasting area.  My absolute favorite are the Sweet Potato Chips which are seasonal so if you are a fan of sweet potatoes be sure to plan your trip in the fall. BBQ wins hands down every time for the rest of my family although my older son and husband really took a liking to the Mama Zuma’s Revenge Potato Chips. Habanero and BBQ are blended together to make Mama Zuma’s Revenge one hot little potato chip. After you taste all the flavors you can see how they are made. A guide will explain the process to you as the potatoes are loaded into the equipment that weighs them then washes and slices them. The you get to see the sliced potatoes getting cooked kettle-style. After wards the chips travel up a conveyor belt to the seasoning table where they are hand seasoned, which is hard to believe in this day and age. Then the chips travel down a chute into the bags. If you kids are curious about how things are made then I highly recommend a trip to the Route 11 Potato Chips Factory. But even if no one cares how the chips are made it is still a must do as fresh from the cooker chips are so delicious. You can purchase any of the flavors in the factory store. One tip, give them a quick call (1-800-294- SPUD) before you go to make sure they are cooking so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.


Where is the Route 11 Potato Chips Factory?

The Route 11 Potato Chips Factory is located at 11 Edwards Way in Mount Jackson, VA not far from I-81 and of course Rte 11. The address is GPS friendly but you can check their website for detailed directions as well. The factory is open Mon – Sat from 9A-5P and is closed on Holidays.


Wanna try Route 11 Potato Chips but can’t visit the factory or find them in your local grocery stores? No problem you can buy them online here.