Make your great vacation photos AMAZING using PaintShop Pro X8

Disclosure: Thanks to the partnership I have with Corel, I am sharing tips on photo editing using PaintShop Pro X8. #AProAtHome

I am sure like me you take a lot of photos while you are on vacation. I know I take a gazillion pictures. I however am not a professional photographer so I rely on a great camera and photo editing software to make my vacation photos amazing. I want to share with all our readers how to transform a so-so photo into a stunning image that will preserve yoru memories of your vacation beautifully. I use PaintShop Pro X8 to edit my photos. It is fast, easy, and affordable. I am also able to offer all of my readers a discount code for $20 off the brand new PaintShop Pro X8. Check out how I turn my vacation photos from blah to fab and be sure to use the discount code at the bottom of this post to get your PaintShop Pro X8 so you can create fabulous photos too.

Check out this before and after side by side comparison!

Corel Paint Shop Pro X8 is an easy to use photo editing software

How rare is it to take a photo and actually have all the kids looking at the same time? I was amazed that I was able to capture all their faces. While I was happy with the original picture I knew it could be even better with a few easy edits using PaintShop Pro X8. The photo on the  the right is so much better because the details are sharper, the colors are truer, and the picture is brighter. The faces in the original photo are just too orange, every one looks a bit like an Oompa Loompa. Let me tell that this edit was done in two simple steps. I used the Instant Effects tool to add some back lighting to the photo. Then I used the Smart Photo Fix tool which adjusted several aspects of the photo automatically. That’s it and my photo looks so much better.

I used Corel PaintShop Pro X8 and in two simp;le steps my picture looks great

PaintShop Pro is very approachable ad user friendly. You can stick with simple adjustments or jump into the deep end and do some very powerful edits. PaintShop Pro X8 has almost all of the power of Photo shop only at a much more affordable price. As promised Vacation Maybe readers can use this special discount code to save $20 off the purchase or upgrade of PaintShop Pro X8 (Pro & Ultimate), just enter the discount code 2930 during checkout.

There is so much more you can do with this photo editing software but for me right now in my crazy busy life I just want to make my so-so vacation photos into AMAZING vacation photos. Now I can get it done because PaintShop Pro is so easy to use. Bonus: It also helps you organize and find your photos using the manage photo portion of the application. I am all over that – I can’t wait to organize them by trip but also start tagging them so I can find my photos easily.  I would love to know how you plan to use PaintShop Pro X8. Please share your creative ideas or photo creations with us.