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National Aquarium Baltimore


  National Aquarium Baltimore

I have to tell you the National Aquarium Baltimore hold memories for me. i used to go there when we would visit  Annapolis when i was a kid. We used to drive our boat and we would doc and have some lunch in the inner harbor. When I got older I went there on a camp trip. Then I went once with my husband. Then we had children and the  National Aquarium became even more meaningful. We decide to take them there on a visit and the folks at the Aquarium were nice enough to provide me with three passes on the house. I decided I would tell you the top 10 things I learned at  the National Aquarium.

10: I thought this was an octopus at first it wasn’t it was a sunflower starfish

national aquarium

9) You can make cool pennies with images of an animal if you make change in the machine they give you a free penny with your 4 quarters. I thought about skipping the penny art because I made a penny exchanging my dollar but I am just not that cheap and my kids would have been very upset. That was a well spent dollar it saved me a trip to the gift shop!

8) Your kids will quiz you on the things they are reading on the wall and you will not know the answer. You will be excited that they are learning so much but you may be a little embarrassed that you have no idea about the habitat of certain frogs. You will remind yourself that you did not go to school to study frogs and that is why they have places like the National Aquarium so you can learn all the stuff you missed.

7) You will learn that your husband can lift two little children up at the same time so they can see everything. He will do so multiple times because they kids are so excited by each new thing the aquarium has to offer

baltimore aquarium

6) You will learn a shark it to quick to take its picture with you standing in front of where it should be. It is a great thing we have a digital camera.

5) You will learn that the dolphin exhibit is now included with admission. This is great the kids love the dolphins and they can watch them above the water and below the water. I am pretty sure if I allowed them they would have jumped right in. I explained this would result in a police escort out of the place and no new toys for a year. I am not sure which threat worked but they didn’t jump in so mission accomplished.

national aquarium baltimore


4) Your pictures will turn out like this if you depend on just your iphone. I needed to bring my real camera but oh well I did get some nice shots here and there near the light.

3) It is a great place to get pictures if you play the pictorial treasure hunt game with your children. I mean half of the animals, fish, reptiles in there will have people guessing for weeks.

2) I learned that if you can’t get to the National Aquarium in Baltimore you can go to their website for a 360 virtual tour of the National Aquarium Baltimore .

1) Thing that I learned is my kids really enjoyed their day there and are already asking when can we go back. I also learned that jelly fish are beautiful but I am glad their are in their tanks.


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