My North Dakota Bucket List

Have you ever visited North Dakota? I have sadly never been. I dream of a 2 year long camping road trip all across the US where we visit every state. While I am still in the dreaming phase I decided to make a list of all the places that I absolutely must visit during our trip. I decided to take a look at North Dakota and figure out where we would visit when we get there.

North Dakota Bucket List

North Dakota Bucket List

North Dakota Bucket List

#5 Lake Sakakawea & Garrison Dam My family would be in heaven here with all the fishing, hiking, biking, boating, and swimming activities. We would also visit Knife River Indian Villages and find Wally the Walleye!  My boys (husband included) would love to tour the Garrison Dam.  My family could spend weeks here with all the great things to see and do.

#4 Bonanzaville USA is located in West Fargo, ND and is a recreated pioneer village. Bonanzaville offers visitors a step back in time to when this area was first settled. In the town you can visit the general store, barbershop, creamery, saloon, and so much more. The history lessons preserved in Bonanzaville are quite amazing and I would love for my children to experience it in person. I think the Eugene Dahl Car Museum would also be a really big hit with my fellas.

North Dakota Bucket List

#3 Paul Broste Rock Museum We are rock enthusiasts and love collecting specimens and learning everything we can about rocks, minerals, and gems. This museum sounds and looks amazing. I am sure my family would absolutely love to visit.

#2 Kayaking on the Missouri River We love to kayak and everyone in the family has their own kayak (except our littlest who rides tandem with me). I would love to spend days floating on the Missouri River just taking in nature. Since North Dakota is so very far away from Virginia and so unknown to us I would most likely hire an outfitter and rent kayaks.  I found a good list of kayak outfitters here.

kayaking on the Missouri River is also on my North Dakota Bucket List

and the #1 place I want to visit on my North Dakota Bucket List is …

#1 Theodore Roosevelt National Park There are a few good reasons why I want to take my family to this national park. First, the chance to see large mammals such as bison and elk. The National Park Service offers some great tips on wildlife viewing. Second, I want to see places like the Painted Canyon and White Butte where the beauty of the earth is so powerful. Third, camping is insanely affordable, with nightly rates at only $14 during the summer.

Elk sightings are on my North Dakota Bucket List

Have you ever thought about travel to North Dakota? Where would you plan to go? What would be on your bucket list? No idea where to start? Start here at the official North Dakota Tourism site. You will find everything you need to know to plan a family vacation to North Dakota and create your own North Dakota Bucket List.

Disclosure: This dream road trip in North Dakota was brought to you by North Dakota Legendary Toursim @northdakota