Gateway to Yosemite – Mariposa

Gateway to Yosemite


If you are planning a trip to Yosemite, it is worth your time to take a little detour and stop in the small town of Mariposa, the Gateway to Yosemite. Mariposa is about an hour from the Highway 140 Entrance to the National Park.

Mariposa is full of rich history from the California Gold Rush, cute little shops and boutiques, excellent dining and beautiful views. Whenever we stop to visit we always try to schedule time to go window-shopping at the different stores, searching for various knick-knacks and trinkets to remember our trip.

Gateway to Yosemite

If you are in the mood for a little history Mariposa has a few great places to explore. The Courthouse is home to the oldest seat of justice still in use, erected in 1854. There is also the Old Stone Jailhouse. Only 33′ x 26′ large, the original jail, built in 1858 from granite blocks had two stories and a gallows at the east end.  However, in 1892 a fire gutted the building taking the life of its only occupant and it was reconstructed without the upper story. Saint Joseph Catholic Church was erected in 1861 and like the courthouse is still in use today. The Mariposa Museum and History Center building houses one of the finest collections of historical artifacts in the state. There is so much history in and around the town of Mariposa. It is a must stop for your family’s adventure.

If you are hungry, I highly recommend Happy Burger Diner. They have a large menu with many options, but their burgers have made them famous. If you are not in the mood for burgers there is a wonderful sandwich shop across the way, High Country Health Food and Cafe.

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