Looking for a thrill? Check out West Tennessee Skydiving!

West Tennessee Skydiving Review


If you are looking for a thrill  while visiting Tennessee, West Tennessee Skydiving is the perfect place for you! I’m pretty sure a lot of people have skydiving on their bucket list, but for me and my family, it’s a part of life. See that photo up there? That’y my husband on his 168th jump. So, we spend quite a bit of time hanging out at dropzones (a term used for a skydiving place) and I must say, West Tennessee Skydiving is one of our favorite ones! It’s only about an hour outside of Memphis in Whiteville, Tennessee.

Here are some things we love about West Tennessee Skydiving



1. The facility- West Tennessee Skydiving has a great space that is perfect for experienced skydivers, as well as new ones! They have a student jump program that will teach you how to tandem jump (meaning jumping while strapped to a teacher) as well as accelerated free fall (which is an accelerated method of learning freefall skydiving skills. Jumps are made from 14,500 ft with a freefall of 60 seconds.) They have classrooms and teaching planes right one site, so you know that you will be prepared before you make that first jump!


2. The Aircraft- The aircraft used at West Tennessee Skydiving is top notch, and much faster than some of the other planes we have encountered before. Mike’s Super King Air is a B90 King Air which is owned by the awesome owner of West Tennessee Skydiving ,Mike Mullins,  will take 14 jumpers to 14,000′ in 7 minutes under standard conditions! This is MUCH faster than most!


3. The Pool- As much as my daughter wants to, she simply is not old enough to go skydiving with Daddy,Mimi, and Grandpa, and while she loves watching them jump, there is some downtime. I love that at West Tennessee Skydiving they have a pool! It’s a prefect way to keep your little ones (or other family members that don’t want to jump) entertained. It’s a perfect viewing spot as well!

Want to know the best part of West Tennessee Skydiving?

The view. It is beautiful. Get out here!

Make sure to keep up with all the happenings going on at West Tennessee Skydiving by visiting their Website and Facebook page!


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