Leaf Peeping in New England

Leaf Peeping in New England


Leaf Peeping in New England

I had never heard of the term Leaf Peeping in New England before, but when my girlfriend and I were looking to go back east to view the autumn colors,  Leaf Peeping tours is what I found on the internet!  Funny name but I guess that is what we actually did.   We peeped at more leaves, stopping to take photos and had a ball doing it.  We love to see the vibrant colors in the fall and in Alaska the colors turn so quickly that we don’t get the full immersion of the red tones.  So, we decided as one of our girlfriend trips we would do Leaf Peeping in New England!

What do you do on a Leaf Peeping in New England Trip?

Well…what do you do on a girlfriend trip?   Oh my goodness, we planned all the fun things we wanted to do during the time the colors were to be at their peak in New England.   We had the best time!

MAINE:  We toured Acadia and Bar Harbor on the Maine coast while visiting my son at Colby College in Maine.

Then we went inland to Vermont and New Hampshire, stopping at every little shop that looked fun, from clothing to quaint decor to holiday craft shops and we even stopped at farms of all kinds!  We stopped at a place that had freshly pressed apple juice which they were selling as hot cider and they made their own pumpkin donuts.  We stopped at maple farms and bought gallons of cheap maple syrup to bring back and freeze.  We had switched to using pure maple syrup instead of sugar in baking so this was one of our goals for the trip.   We made reservations at a lodge that did spa treatments and had facials, manicures, pedicures and massages.   There is just so much to do!  We could have stayed twice as long as we did.   These are just a few things that were on our to do list:


Burlington, VT:  Frog Hollow Craft Gallery

Norwich, VT:  King Arthur Flour Shop

Stowe, Vermont:  Fun place to visit

Waterbury, VT:  Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory and tour

Weston, VT:  The Vermont Country Store


Conway, NH:  100 Outlet Stores shopping!

Conway Scenic Railroad

New Hampshire Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Trails



I was struck with how beautiful the homes were because they were OLD construction and looked very colonial.  You don’t see that on the west coast.  I was also struck at the beauty of the quaint bridges that were covered to drive over little creeks.  You don’t have that out west either.  The beauty is so hard to describe but I would say visceral.   I just feel it in every part of my body.  I just love fall colors and especially New England fall colors!

We found quaint little bed and breakfasts to stay at  for lodging.  We love having surprise homemade breakfasts when we travel  We travelled all the back roads, which was a blast!  We got up when we felt like it and drove until we got to our next destination, planning only 4-5 hours of driving a day so we could play a lot.

If you haven’t had a chance to go Leaf Peeping in New England, I highly recommend it!