Inbal Hotel Offers Modern Luxury near the Old City

Disclosure: I was hosted by the Inbal Hotel as part of a pre-TBEX blogger Tour in partnership with TBEX and the I Travel Jerusalem Tourism Board

Planning a trip to Jerusalem? Well first things first…you need a place to stay. You don’t want to get stuck in a stable like some other famous couple traveling in Israel.

Inbal Hotel as seen from Liberty Bell Park

For me, one of the first deciding factors in selecting a hotel is the location. I want to be in the heart of any city I am visiting. This is mostly because of logistics. I want to be able to get to all the places I want to visit easily, especially when the kids are traveling with me. They just love to step out of the hotel and start exploring the city. Inbal Hotel is located right in the center of Jerusalem.

Liberty Bell Park

The best feature of the Inbal Hotel is the fact that it overlooks the Old City of Jerusalem and Liberty Bell Park. Liberty Bell Park gets its name from a replica of the famous Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The replica was created in honor of the US Bicentennial. The park boasts playgrounds, basketball courts, and a roller skating rink. Guests of the Inbal Hotel will love strolling through the park and will enjoy the lush beautiful gardens. The park is the perfect place to relax in the center of the city of Jerusalem. My children love exploring new parks and playgrounds and I love that the hotel is so close to a great place for families to get out and stretch their legs.

Modern Luxury in the Old City

Within its beautiful exterior walls that mirror the look and feel of the Old City, nothing about the hotel could be considered old. The rooms and facilities exude modern luxury and comfort. I had a king size bed all to myself which was a real treat. There are a variety of rooms to choose from so every style of traveler should find something to meet their needs.

Tip: Book either the Deluxe or Executive Style room for all day access to the executive lounge. See below for more info about the executive lounge.

The modern luxury inside the hotel will make all guest fell welcome and comfortable

The bathroom was very contemporary as well, covered in marbled tile with sleek lines and all the bells and whistles of a luxury bathroom. Everything was clean which is a high priority for anyplace I stay.

The bathroom at the Inbal Hotel was covered in marbled tile with sleek lines and modern amenities

Amenities and Facilities at the Inbal Hotel

After location and accommodations, I usually look at the amenities. With two boys full of energy, I always try to find a hotel with a pool, both an indoor and outdoor pool is ideal. The Inbal Hotel’s outdoor pool is heated and covered in the cooler months of winter so you can swim all year round. You will also find a fitness center and spa. I always try to steal time away from the family for a relaxing massage so an onsite spa is perfect.

Executive Lounge

Important Insider Tip:  Some rooms at the Inbal Hotel include access to the Executive Lounge on the 9th floor. What is so great about the executive lounge? Everything. Hot soups, cheese platters, fresh fruit, breads, and pastries are available if you get hungry between meals. You can enjoy adult beverages including local bottled beers, wine, and spirits. What is really fantastic about the executive lounge however is the view.  The patio offers beautiful views of the Old City of Jerusalem and the City of David as well as parts of the New City.

View of the city of Jerusalem from the Inbal Hotel Executive Lounge Patio

Jerusalem is projected as one of he best destinations to visit in 2017, so be sure to make your travel plans. The Inbal Hotel is ready to welcome you!

The Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem is centrally located and within walking distance to the city’s main tourist attractions, shopping areas and entertainment centers. Nearby is an array of unique and memorable historic and spiritual sites. Guests will love the views, amenities, and comforts offered by the Inbal Hotel.