Fun Places in Franklin Indiana

Fun Places in Franklin Indiana
This summer I decided to give my children the gift of time. I cleared my work schedule and I planned a trip of a lifetime. I was asked to come to Indiana and some of our adventures were comped but whether they paid or I paid my opinion is still mine.

I bet you are wondering why I went to Indiana if this was a trip of a lifetime. The reason is simple because Indiana offers places like Franklin, Indiana. Franklin, Indiana is known as Festival County which is just south of Indianapolis about 20 minutes away by car. We did visit Indianapolis which was fun but very expensive our hotel was very expensive and truly it was just another city. It didn’t have any of the charms and community that Franklin did.

I Included some of the pictures from our time together. I convinced my younger sister to join me with her three kids because I knew this trip would be a special one. I will share our itinerary below so you can see the fun places in Franklin, Indiana.


I suggest looking for a festival that your family would enjoy. There are several incredible options. The town offers everything from goat yoga to wine tastings at their Festival Indiana Events. We arrived Thursday after a visit to Hunter’s honey farm. We checked into our room at the Baymont Suites (which was a decent place to stay). If you are looking for fancy keep looking.

I will tell you the drive was worth it and my stomach told me so when I took my first bite of Jockamo’s upper crust pizza located at 401 Market Plaza, Greenwood. You can read my full review in Amazing Places to Eat in Indiana. We didn’t have any room for ice cream but we had 6 kids between us and they always have room for ice cream so we had to try Mrs. Curl has soft serve because it was named Best Soft Serve Ice Cream in Indiana by Buzzfeed. It is located at 259 S. Meridian St., Greenwood. The line was long so the kids played across the street at a playground. The soft serve was worth the wait. It was delicious.

Fun Places in Franklin Indiana

We returned to the hotel and got our stuff together for our adventure the next morning. We decided to take Blue’s Canoe Livery canoeing tour located at4220 W. 700 North, Edinburgh. The tour takes about 3-5 hours depending on where on the river you want to be dropped off. The tour ends at the location you started at. We did the three-hour tour. I would suggest bringing water shoes, sunscreen, drinks, and snacks. The kids asked us to stop multiple times to swim in the river which was easy to do since you just pull up on a beach. We saw several turtles and beautiful birds and two snakes.

We were starving which was a good thing since we went to the Willard next located at 99 N. Main St., Franklin. I was a bit embarrassed since we all looked like drowned rats but we were hungry and hunger always wins over vanity. They had the top 3 tenderloins in the state which I ate. It needed a little something but it filled me up. The kids had nacho pizza, wings, and a salad. I loved the history of the building and the location was perfect to explore the town from.

We believe in trying to squeeze as much fun as possible into our trips so we headed to the Freedom Springs Aquatics Center, 850 Stop 18 Road, Greenwood. It is open from 11 a.m. to 8. I loved this water park it was big enough that all our kids had something fun to do. The lines weren’t long. The park was easy to navigate and I was able to see my kids from most locations from my chair beside the pool. There was a splash park, a lazy river, diving boards, and a couple of water slides. It was a kids paradise.

We were supposed to go to dinner but honestly, we stayed too long at the waterpark. You try to get 6 kids to leave! I would have liked to eat at one of the locally owned restaurants these 10 restaurants that locals love looked amazing.

We instead rushed to the theater to see Jaws at the Historic Artcraft Theatre, 57 N. Main St., Franklin. This was a really fun experience and our kids had popcorn and jaws drinks for dinner. Parenting win for sure! We enjoyed the preshow put on by the community and the silly drawings they had for prizes. It was a real hoot. The theatre brings you back in time and I just adored being there.  We meaning my sister and I forgot about how graphic Jaws was on the upside our kids aren’t going to venture past their waist in the ocean unless we are with them.
We had to return home because as much as I loved Indiana we live in Virginia and my husband was lonely without us. I didn’t get to these activities but they were suggested as fun places in Festival County.

Johnson County Museum, a free museum at 135 N. Main St., Franklin. Open 9 a.m.
to 4 p.m.

Rascal’s fun zone, 629 N. U.S. 31, Whiteland. Go-karts, mini-golf, arcade and more.
Open 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Urban Air Trampoline Park, 1172 N. Main St., Franklin. 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Otte Golf and Family Fun Center, 681 Sheek Road, Greenwood. Mini-golf, batting
cages, driving range. 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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