Flying High in Myrtle Beach – a parasailing adventure

 Flying High in Myrtle Beach – a parasailing adventure

Every year at the beach my son talks about wanting to go parasailing but somehow with all the other beach fun we just have not had time to squeeze it in. Our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC this year was one of the best beach mini vacations ever.  Since we stayed at the Crown Reef Hotel, all our fun was literally a stone’s throw away, so we really had time to relax and unwind. Right next to our hotel, we discovered  Downwind Sails Water Sports. They have so many water sport options for any kind of ocean adventure you are seeking. At first I thought we would go on a banana boat ride, I had never done that before so why not, it looked like fun. But I also looked at parasailing since I knew my son would be delighted if we could finally go. When I found out you had to take a banana boat ride out to the parasailing boat I was sold! Two adventures in one!

Even though my son had always talked about parasailing, now that we were actually going to go he got a little apprehensive. Luckily his friend was excited and eager to go; sometimes a little peer pressure can be a good thing.  So wind in our hair, saltwater spraying us, we rode out to the boat on our banana raft. It was awesome! The ride was just the right mix of fear and fun resulting in a thrilling start to our parasailing adventure. We got on the boat, got strapped in to the harnesses and attached to the parasail. From the moment you feel the wind lift you off your feet to the moment you regretfully have to land back on the boat, parasailing is an incredible experience. To soar in the sky like a bird, to pretend you are a kite, to see the world from a completely different perspective was an incredible experience for all of us.

The boys could not wait to tell their dads about their experience on the boats and in the sky.  Not only was this adventure fun and exciting but it was also good for character building. Children need opportunities to conquer their fears, to build confidence that comes from trying something new. As a homeschooling mom I believe every experience is an opportunity for learning. This experience will make them better writers. They can draw on this experience to add depth and detail to their writing. This experience will lead to deeper understanding in science, when they try to wrap their brains around the vastness of the ocean they will be able to remember how big the ocean was from 500ft above it. While on the boat we discussed the horizon and how to use it to prevent sea sickness and to aid navigation. We talked about how much weight the harness could hold and did some math adding up the lbs. The classroom could not have been farther from my mind or theirs but I am certain the boys learned much from this adventure.

Seek adventure, find teachable moments, enjoy the wonder of childhood excitement!

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