El Paso Restaurants You Must Check Out

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I may travel for food. I love to eat authentic food every place I travel. I never understood why people go to places and eat at chain locations. I always say yes to trips to learn more about myself and to expand the repertoire of recipes I want to create. I thank you El Paso for hosting me on my journey to self- discovery.

The culture is on the plate it lingers in your heart long after the plates are cleared. The diversity of a town is one spoonful away and the understanding is in the meal. The way the meal is presented at the location you eat at and the dishes on the menu are the code of cultural understanding.

When I traveled to El Paso Texas the truth was right there as the mixtures of the three locations that where Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua lead not only to its cultural diversity but stirred together they create a culinary experience I will not soon forget. The savory bound together with sweet accents that are accentuated with a note of heat.

El Paso Restaurant ideas

Cattleman’s Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch

For the person that loves steak. If you do not love steak the location is worth the drive. I will also say my friend had the shrimp and she didn’t say a word all meal. She was in love.

We stayed at the Doubletree Hotel in Downtown El Paso and we ate breakfast there. I will say I liked the cookies the best but the breakfast was worth a high five. It was unique and the birds in the nest over the steak were something I will recreate at home.

These are some more of the wonderful places we ate in El Paso~ Check them out and let me know what you think.



 Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey’s,

Dinner: El Paso Chihuahua’s

 Breakfast: Crave Kitchen & Bar,

 Stateline BBQ,

Dinner: Prepared by Chef Oscar Herrera at the El Paso Community Foundation’s Foundation Room

Things to Do in El Paso

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shelly peterson - last year Reply

The food looks really good!

Sarah L - last year Reply

I’m sorry I didn’t get to any of these when I lived in San Antonio. Now I live 1,000 miles away.

Angela Saver - last year Reply

These El Paso restaurants sounds SO delicous! I must plan a trip to El Paso with my family!!

Rosie - last year Reply

I’d love to go to a Cattleman’s Steakhouse. Worth a trip!

Paula Pennachio - last year Reply

I love to eat out escpecially at a steak place

Dana Rodriguez - last year Reply

That food looks delicious!

Sheila Ressel - last year Reply

I want to eat at every one of those restaurants! That food looks amazing!

Sara - last year Reply

Making me hungry!

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