Dinosaur World In Cave City, Kentucky

Back several years ago, we took a little family trip to Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky. We originally headed there to visit Guntown Mountian, which we did. But we found something that the kids loved even more!

Dinosaur World Cave City Kentucky

Dinosaur World is a walking trek that makes a 360° loop. On this loop you see 150 life size dinosaurs including:

  • Brachiosaurus
  • Chasmosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Spinosaurus
  • Stygimoloch
  • Triceratops

There is even a giant T-Rex to greet you when you arrive as well as a dino-head that you can climb inside for picture taking. The kids LOVED all the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur World Cave City Kentucky

Now, it has been many years since we were there but I looked online and Dinosaur World is still open. So I thought it would be a great place to tell you about. We went during the summer and just about died from a heat stroke. It was over 90 degrees that day. So, since it is outdoors, I definitely recommend going either in the fall or just on a much cooler day, although it is open year round except Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. So go when you like to get out and walk.

 Dinosaur World Cave City Kentucky

Dinosaur World Cave City Kentucky

Just imagine walking up on these lizards lying in the grass! I sure wouldn’t want to.

Dinosaur World Cave City Kentucky

There are signs throughout the park naming each dinosaur and describing what its life was like and what it lied to eat. (eg: Carnivore vs. Herbivore)

Dinosaur World Cave City Kentucky

Some of the dinosaurs are off the beaten path and you can view them from a distance, as if they were out grazing. While others are right next to the walkway and you feel like you want to run to save yourself from these giant predators. As you walk around the corners it feels as though some sneak up on you!

Dinosaur World Cave City Kentucky

“The dinosaur models, up to eighty feet in length and based on the latest scientific discoveries, are made of fiberglass, steel, and concrete. The dinosaurs are arranged  in groups of as many as eleven of a single species, in a variety of settings.”

Dinosaur World Cave City Kentucky

There is also an area where you can participate in a Fossil Dig. Kids ages 3-12 can sift through sand in a paleontological setting in search of authentic fossils. Your kids can keep 3 fossils as a memento of their trip.

Fossil Dig tickets are included in the child admission price for ages 3-12. Anyone over 12 or under 3 who wants to dig, the price is $2.

Find everything from Shark teeth to Sea urchins, dinosaur bone fragments and more. They have over 10 types of authentic fossils in the Fossil Dig.

Dinosaur World Cave City Kentucky

For a family attraction, the prices are very reasonable:

$12.75 plus tax for adults
$9.75 plus tax for children ages 3 to 12
$10.75 plus tax for seniors over 60

Purchase a year pass to Dinosaur World and enjoy 365 days of prehistoric fun!
Kentucky adult annual pass – $25.50 plus tax
Kentucky child annual pass – $19.50 plus tax
Kentucky senior annual pass (60 and over) = $21.50 plus tax

Active duty U.S. military personnel receive FREE ADMISSION to Dinosaur World with an active military ID shown at time of ticket purchase. Dependents will also receive $1 off admission with dependent military ID.

HOURS: Open year round except Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day from 8:30 am until 6.00 pm Central time

They do NOT offer concessions but there is a drink machine. You can also bring your own picnic basket and sit at one of the picnic tables. When we were there, there was a family having a birthday party and they had brought a cake and decorations. There are special prices if you want to call to reserve it for a birthday but you do need to supply your own cakes and snacks. I believe you receive goody bags for your guests though, which is pretty cool.

Dinosaur World Kentucky is located on Interstate 65, Exit 53 in Cave City. Just 10 miles from Mammoth Cave National Park and they also have locations in Plant City, Florida and Glen Rose, TX.

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So if you are looking for a fun, educational day adventure for your family, I recommend visiting Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky!

Crystal Martin