Costa Rican wildlife brings nature to your feet

Costa Rica National Park - monkeys
Costa Rica National Park – monkeys

Costa Rican wildlife brings nature to your feet

Costa Rica is a popular eco-destination for families. The Costa Rican Wildlife is abundant and thrilling. From national parks to your family’s hotel, the wildlife adds to the excitement of your family’s vacation.

When planning your family’s vacation, trips to national parks can be a perfect way to view a variety of Costa Rican wildlife. Many of the national parks offer guided tours to enhance your visit. A good tour guide can help identify various bird species, animals camouflaged in the jungle and a little background on the land and animals. Before booking a trip, a little research into the tour itself and its guides can make for a memorable experience. For example, a long, hiking trip may not be great for smaller children. For the more adventurous types, an all-day journey up a volcano would be perfection.

In addition to finding the right tour, the time of day can matter. Costa Rican wildlife can vary depending on the time of day. If your family is scheduling multiple tours, consider playing tours at various times of the day. Visiting locales at dusk can be a great time to catch animals that are just staring their day. Just a reminder, Costa Rican wildlife has its own schedule and it may not be the same as your family.

The biggest item to remember on a Costa Rican wildlife tour is to look but don’t touch. The animals that you are seeing are wild. While a tour guide might suggestion it is fine to feed a monkey from a boat, it may not be a wise move. A monkey peeing on your head or biting your finger isn’t a memory that you want to take home. Plus, feeding wild animals can hurt their well-being. Wildlife is wild for a reason.

On your family’s trip to Costa Rica make the Costa Rican wildlife a priority on your must do list.

written by Cristine

Costa Rican wildlife