Birthday Celebrations At The American Girl Bistro In Nashville

Birthday Celebrations At The American Girl Bistro In Nashville

Disclosure: I received a complimentary meal from the wonderful staff at American Girl to facilitate this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂 

American Girl Bistro Nashville

A few weeks ago my not-so-little-anymore girl turned 8 years old. Every year for her birthday we let her pick out a restaurant to celebrate at. In years past she had picked the typical chain restaurants around town, but this year there was only place she wanted to go, and that was the Nashville American Girl Bistro. We have only had an American Girl store in our area for about a year, so it’s still pretty new to us and every time we have been has been nothing short of magical. So when we were given the opportunity to visit the Bistro and celebrate my daughters birthday we jumped at the chance to go and share it with you guys!

So what makes the Nashville American Girl Bistro so magical?
american girl nashville

Well the first thing that makes it magical is the space itself. It is just beautiful. Decorated perfectly, impeccably clean, and extremely detail oriented. Pink flowers at every table, beautiful chandeliers, and just as important, comfortable seats for adults and kids!

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Another magical element to this American Girl Bistro is the staff! Every single member of the staff we spoke to was smiling, full of joy, and very attentive. What I love the most is how the kids rule the show here. It’s all about what they want to do and their happiness. My daughter was always spoken to first, and was treated like a princess. Little things like having a chair for her american girl, a princess crown for both of them, and just making sure to take the time to make sure she was having the best time.

Nashville American Girl Bistro

You know I had to talk about the food next right! Now going into the American Girl Bistro I was assuming that the food would be your typical kid friendly fare. Chicken nuggets, burgers, etc. Oh no. The food ended up being SO awesome you guys! My daughter got the club sandwich, my mother got their Asian salad (amazing by the way), and I got the chicken and fresh mozzarella sandwich. Let me tell you, that sandwich is one of the best I’ve had anywhere. Seriously. Also their appetizers are awesome. All around every food we had was wonderful.

american girl birthday celebration

The cake. For dessert we had this amazing little cake. It’s included in the Birthday Celebration package. It is 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla and it tastes great. When my daughter was presented with the cake everyone in the bistro helped sing her happy birthday and my daughters face just lit up. It was one of her favorite parts of the whole night.

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Gift bags are also included for each girl that is at a birthday celebration. It comes with a birthday balloon for her AG doll, a shirt, a book, and a doll size cupcake. It’s a super cute way to remember the party!

american girl nashville

In closing, we had such an amazing time at the Nashville American Girl Bistro and highly recommend this experience for anyone in the Nashville area that has a love for American girl. Here are the details for the celebration we enjoyed:

Wish your girl a happy birthday! This party package includes:

• A delicious meal

• Signature cake and ice cream

• Goody bags and doll tiaras

• A special gift for the birthday girl.

• Invitations and thank you notes

Duration of party is based on party size. Parties are booked based on availibility. Other restrictions may apply.

$30 per girl, $20 per adult
For girls ages 3 and up