Callaway Gardens Review

Callaway Gardens Review

calloway garden


This summer we traveled to Georgia it was a very long journey from Virginia. It was however worth it. The resort is locate in Pine Mountain, Georgia. I think it is a return to the good old days with a modern flair. It is located at :

17800 US Hwy 27
Pine Mountain, GA

callaway gardens

It was a nice vacation spot. The room was perfect for a family of four but small for our family of five. We brought a sleeping bag for our little guy which worked out fine. The room had a nice view of the pool and a small garden. We found the hotel to be very clean and the bathroom’s tub was perfect. We also enjoyed eating at the dinning area in the actual hotel.

 We had their all you can eat buffet which was a bit pricy but it was well worth it and the service was outstanding. The children were able to find many choices and my husband stayed after we were finished eating to continue to tackle the buffet. They had a wide assortment from seafood to beef. The service was excellent as well.

Callaway Gardens Review

callaway garden

The gardens are a little bit of  a walk from the hotel but we did the walk and it was well worth it. The kids were enthralled to see all the fresh herbs, flowers, and fruits and veggies that were growing in the garden. The smell was just lovely and there were a couple of nice areas to take a seat and enjoy the fruits of the gardner’s labor.


We were also pleased with the water sport activities that were on site. You could lounge by the pool. You could also travel to the lake which featured a ski show and a huge bounce house. There was a place to rent paddle boats and even play a round of mini golf if you wanted. It was a lovely place to take the children and enjoy just being a family.


Callaway Gardens Review