The Difference a Year Can Make- Riding the Big Roller Coasters

It is so amazing the difference a year can make. I have been taking my children to Kings Dominion since they were 3 years old. Over the years I have enjoyed watching them grow up at the park becoming more and more adventurous with their ride choices. This year our first trip was a little bittersweet but also very exciting. My nine year old made the leap to the big roller coasters during our most recent visit. My heart soared with pride as he and his friend ran to get in line for their first big ride. When they got off they immediately got in line again and a thrillseeker was born.

 Growing up at Kings Domion in Doswell Virginia riding the big roller coasters

Kings Dominion is a great park for families. They have so many new rides for the younger crowd that you can be confident that the whole family will have fun. But want I really want to share with you is how great this park ease for easing the transition from the kiddie rides to the big roller coasters at Kings Dominion. The ultimate goal is to be able to experience the thrill of riding super fast super fun roller coasters together with your kids and for us it will not be long until we have conquered all the giant roller coasters together.

 Riding the Shockwave at Kings Dominion

We started the last year riding the Woodstock Express and the Avalanche. The Avalanche is like riding in a bobsled. It is fast and fun and left my son wanting more thrills. So he rode all the wooden roller coasters in the park but shied away from the big coasters. This year after graciously tagging along while his little brother rode all the great rides in Snoopy (insert right name) he grabbed his buddy and heady for the Shockwave. This ride was a game changer. It took him all day to work up the courage to ride it. Now he is ready to go back to the park and ride all the big roller coasters.

Spring Bloom Festival at Kings Dominion vegetables

Spring time is a great time to visit Kings Dominion. The weather is perfect and the park is beautiful. We will go back to Kings Dominion this year during the heat of the summer so we can visit the water park, Soak City. Your admission to Kings Dominion includes Soak City so you get two parks all in one. With the heat in VA during the summer, the combination of an amusement park with a water park is a must! You can stay cool at the water park during the heat of the day and then ride the rides into the evening.  I am thrilled to share that Soak City at Kings Dominion is getting some all new slides. The newly expanded Soak City will open May 23rd, 2015. You can check out descriptions of the new slides online and be sure to follow Kings Dominion on Facebook and Twitter for news about the new additions.

 Disclosure: This story was made possible by the awesome folks at Kings Dominion who invited us to be their guests. We are grateful for the opportunity to visit the park and share our experience with you.