Best Vacation Dresses for Summer


Travel makes me happy. I live for travel and adventure. In fact, vacation may just be my favorite word ever. Wanna know my second favorite word? Shopping! I love shopping for vacation clothes. I love having something new to pack and wear. Of all the clothing items that go into my suitcase, dresses are my favorite. There is no time wasted matching tops and bottoms. The best vacation dresses are light weight and travel well (fewer wrinkles). They help you pack less because dresses are also versatile. The right dress can take you from day time activities into evening outings.

Best vacation dresses for summer for plus sized gals can be found at Lane Bryant

Let me begin by saying that I am very comfortable in my “plus size” body. I love my curves. I am fit and healthy and most importantly I can keep up with my kids. But I am no size 2 by any stretch of the imagination and I am ok with that. But regardless of your size or shape there are always styles that you can wear well and styles you should avoid. So my suggestion is for you to go to a store and try on a ton of different styles of dress until you find a few styles that always flatter you. I save a ton of time and disappointment because I know which dresses to leave on the rack.

A-Line Style Dresses are the perfect cut for me

One of the styles that gives me confidence and makes me feel beautiful is an A-line style dress. A-line refers to a style that is fitted around the bodice to just below the bust and loose fitting below the bust with a cut that resemble the letter A. During my search for the best vacation dresses to wear on a cruise this summer I fell in love with an ultra-light denim dress from Lane Bryant. Unfortunately, it did not fit…it was a little too big in the bust area. So I returned it and found this dress which I liked even better.

Cruise fashion should include simple and comfortable dresses that pack well and also make you feel beautiful

Aside from the shape of the dress which is flattering to my body shape, I also love that this dress is so light. It takes up very little space in my suitcase and is perfect for the warmer weather  on the cruise ship and in the Dominican Republic.

I also love that I can wear this dress during the day with some flats or comfortable walking shoes but I can also dress it up for evening by simply pull the neckline down over my shoulders and throwing on some taller shoes.

To complete the look I am pairing the  dress with coral and gold tone jewelry pieces. The dress and jewelry were provided by Lane Bryant. Click on the individual pieces below for more information. Remember Lane Bryant shipping is Always Free Ship To Store!