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5 Items You Better Not Forget on Any Trip

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This post is sponsored by Shopbop one of the easiest ways to fill your closet with the latest fashion. All Opinions are my own.

I have traveled the world. I have gone by air, sea, and even survived a car full of six kids. I have boarded trains, cruise ships, sailboats, bicycles, tuk-tuks,  jeepneys, buses, race cars, glass bottom boats, ski boats, even a horse-drawn carriage in Ireland. The one thing that all these trips have in common is I needed these 5 clothing items on every trip.

My Must-Have Travel Items for Any Trip

We will move beyond undergarments because I think that is something everyone should bring and will bring. I say think because I have been on trips where I noticed people weren’t as concerned with those travel items as I am. The first thing you need and I have not brought on the last three trips is sneakers.

I know sneakers should be obvious and I most likely didn’t bring them because they weren’t cute but at ShopBop you can get adorable and functional sneakers. You can see what they have and I have been told the APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs sneakers are fantastic. I plan to buy them after my Adidas ones I have are no longer useful. If you hate sneakers they also carry the Sperry line and they are comfortable.

The next thing you need is a cardigan. I have one that is paper thin. I throw it in my purse just in case, you can roll it up and it hardly weighs anything. I put it on when I am chilly and even when I see a lot of bugs. You never know where you will end up. I mean I have ended up underground in a boat in the largest cave in the world surrounded by bats in Puerto Princesa, Philippines. If you’re curious about my Philippines trip, you can read it here and here.

I have needed this more times than I have wanted to count. I use mine when I am cold and because I hate being wet. I love my rain slicker. I choose a sort one for travel because space is limited. I have used it to put on a wet seat and to keep me from getting wet on all the boat trips and water rides I enjoy.

This is a must have item for me and I never would have thought I needed this. I actually balked at people who used this in the past until I was traveling a lot and realized how fantastic this is. I love my backpack. I got this one from Madewell on ShopBop and it is fantastic! I know a lot of my friends have their tote bags and love them. I love that I have full use of my hands so I can get to everything I need easier. I love that this bag has limited pockets so I can find things easier!

The last must-have item for me is a dress. I know you knew that was coming if you know me. You need a good dress. There is nothing that makes you feel better. It can be dressed up or down. It can take you from dinner to dancing. I suggest a fun dress in a cotton or cotton blend something that can easily be washed if you have to do so.

Some other items that I always bring:

pair of jeans

black t-shirt

white shirt

colorful blouse



pair of sunglasses

crossbody bag

When you travel pack as light as possible think of how you can layer and what you can wear over and over again! I say invest in some great pieces and when you are in your destination pick up an accessory it will help you remember your trip and make your outfit memorable.

The last tip I have for you is photocopy all your credit cards, passports, and driver’s ID. Then take pictures of them and load those pictures in your email.

Also check out my list of Gifts for a Traveler.

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robin rue - last year Reply

I travel with kids, so my list is different. I always make sure to have ponchos, Pepto, Tylenol and lots of snacks.

Candy - last year Reply

I always pack layers. Couple good pair of shoes. Short and long sleeve shirts. Light rain jacket

Terri Steffes - last year Reply

I love to travel, too. I must always take my AirBirds tennis shoes. They weigh next to nothing and are so incredibly comfortable. Love them!

Glenda Cates - last year Reply

Beautiful pictures and I love the Blue Dress you are in. As for the tips I will be sharing them with my friends and family because they are things I never thought of and I am sure my friends might not have either.

Jeanette - last year Reply

We travel quite a bit and you are correct and just let everything in here. I always have a Bag that goes across my body with everything in it. It makes it easier for me to find it harder for someone to steal it. These are some great tips.

Teresa - last year Reply

I like the 5 items you selected for traveling. I think either backpack or the cross body bag are essential for women, especially if you are traveling with kiddos. I personally love the crossbody bag, but a bit bigger than normal since my kids always hand me off their things to carry. LOL

Tasheena - last year Reply

Awesome post! These are really helpful tips. I always try to remember to bring sneakers with me during my travels.

Alli Smith - last year Reply

Sneakers are definitely a must-have for me when I’m traveling. This is a great list and I’ll remember it the next time I start packing for a trip.

Sarah Bailey - last year Reply

I am that person who always forgets something important, toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, even knickers! I’ve forgotten them all. One day I’ll remember all the must-haves!

Ashley - last year Reply

I always pack light even for one trips. I really hate checking a bag!

Marysa - last year Reply

I am always so afraid of forgetting something when we travel. These are all useful items to have. Thanks for sharing your list! Travel can be stressful enough without worrying that you forgot something important at home.

Anosa Malanga - last year Reply

For me, my top five items should be the travel documents and itinerary, money, cellphone and light clothes and toiletries. With that I can go on to anywhere.

Catalina - last year Reply

I am so agree that you need a pair of jeans in every trip you make! But never thought about having a black and a white t-shirt as a must!

Bethel C Esmillarin - last year Reply

Cross body bag is perfect for traveling. You don’t have to mind handling a shoulder bag or hand bag. Plus, tt’s nice to know you’ve been to the underground river here in Philippines!

Shoshana Sue - last year Reply

I didn’t see the dress coming. I always want comfy sneakers, t-shirts, jeans and shorts when I travel, but now that you have mentioned it I see that there are occasions where a cute dress would have been perfect.

KIM CROISANT - last year Reply

We mostly travel as a family so my list is much longer, but I agree with your 5 for sure. But my jeans will always be a part of my travels!

Bohemian Babushka - last year Reply

What a great list! Minimal, useful, and leaves lots of room to bring back some great momentous. Gracias for the post.

Ruth I. - last year Reply

I will have lots of travel next year and I’m excited! I’d get to use these tips. I want to pack lightly as much as possible.

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